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It happens when a rooster and a hen hmm........ no wait, how old are you?

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Q: How does a chicken egg get fertilized?
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Is a chicken egg a chicken period?

A chicken egg, when fertilized, does have the makings to become a chicken. However, the eggs you buy from the grocery store are not fertilized and are therefore, simply an egg.

What is a fertilized chicken egg?

A fertilized chicken egg is an egg that has the ability to be hatched. Normal store eggs can't be but eggs from a farmer usually can be. The fertilized part just means the hen was around a rooster and he inseminated her. So now there is a sperm in the chicken egg. Hence the fertilized part.

What is a dud egg from a chicken?

Many people raise chickens for their eggs. When the chicken lays the eggs and egg that is not fertilized is referred to as a dud egg. These are the eggs we get in the market. If the egg is fertilized, you will get a chick.

Is eating a fertilized poultry egg all right for vegetarians?

A fertilized egg of a hen contains an embryo of a chicken.

What will a fertilized egg turn into?

a baby, or for a chicken, a chick

How do you recognize a fertilized chicken egg?

it is white i think

Are eggs you buy fertilized?

No, if the eggs were fertilized there would be a baby chicken fetus in the egg.

What does a little spot of blood in a chicken egg mean?

It means the egg was fertilized :\

When does an egg become a chicken?

After the egg has been fertilized, incubated and exited the shell.

Is a chicken egg diploid or haploid?

A fertilized chicken egg is considered diploid, while an unfertilized chicken egg is haploid. Chickens are diploid when you are considering chromosomes.

Why does a fertilized chicken egg weigh more?

A feshly collected fertilized egg should NOT weigh barely a nanogram more than an unfertilized egg!

Why do some eggs hatch chicken and some hatch yolk?

That would be because the egg (the was yolk) wasn't fertilized. The egg would have to fertilized and not too old for the chicken to hatch.

How is a fertilized egg formed?

Its formed when the female and male cells are united. Chicken eggs are fertilized by roosters.the sperm goes in to the egg and fertilises the egg . by cit

Does the Chicken stay in the eggs that you eat?

The egg is not a chicken unless it has been fertilized and incubated.

How do you hatch an egg without the chicken?

it has to be fertilized, and you can stick it in an incubator.

Is a chicken egg fertilized before or after it's laid?


Is a chicken egg internal or externally fertallized?

Externally fertilized

Why is a chicken egg a fertilized egg?

Not all chicken eggs are fertilized. Any egg that a chicken lays will be unfertilized unless there is a rooster around to fertilize the egg while it is inside the chicken.Chicken eggs are fertilized when a rooster is in with the hens. The rooster will breed with the hens to continute the chicken species. This is why eggs are fertilized. If you do not want your eggs fertilized, all you need to do is pull out the rooster, or roosters if there are more than one. This will cause the chickens to lya unfertilized eggs.When an egg is fertile it means it was in the beginning stage of hosting a baby. Basically, it is an egg from a hen that had previously had sex with a rooster. You probably don't want to think about that before eating them though. They are the most nutritious form of egg to eat.

Is every egg a chicken lays fertile?

Not every egg a chicken lays is fertile. If you do not have a rooster in with your hens none of your eggs will be fertilized.

How is a fertilized egg produced?

An egg is ferilized when a hen (which is a female chicken) and a rooster (a male chicken) mate and the hen lays eggs.

What do you do with a fertilized chicken egg?

You can do the same things with a fertilized egg as you do with a store bought egg. The one advantage of having fertilized eggs is that you can incubate the fertile one's and produce chicks. Fertilized eggs taste the same as a "store"egg and you cannot tell from the appearance that there is any difference.

Why wouldn't eggs in the store hatch even if they were incubated?

They aren't fertilized. A non-fertilized chicken egg is like a non-fertilized human female egg; only half of the equation.

How much strength in a chicken egg shell?

a chicken egg is much stronger than any other egg because the way it is is token care of and fertilized

What is a fertilized hen egg?

A single cell that will develop into a chicken or rooster

Why is a fertilized egg important?

good chance for chicks(baby chicken)