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It happens when a rooster and a hen hmm........ no wait, how old are you?

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Q: How does a chicken egg get fertilized?
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Is a chicken egg a chicken period?

A chicken egg, when fertilized, does have the makings to become a chicken. However, the eggs you buy from the grocery store are not fertilized and are therefore, simply an egg.

What is a fertilized chicken egg?

A fertilized chicken egg is an egg that has the ability to be hatched. Normal store eggs can't be but eggs from a farmer usually can be. The fertilized part just means the hen was around a rooster and he inseminated her. So now there is a sperm in the chicken egg. Hence the fertilized part.

What is a dud egg from a chicken?

Many people raise chickens for their eggs. When the chicken lays the eggs and egg that is not fertilized is referred to as a dud egg. These are the eggs we get in the market. If the egg is fertilized, you will get a chick.

Is eating a fertilized poultry egg all right for vegetarians?

A fertilized egg of a hen contains an embryo of a chicken.

What will a fertilized egg turn into?

a baby, or for a chicken, a chick

How do you recognize a fertilized chicken egg?

it is white i think

Are eggs you buy fertilized?

No, if the eggs were fertilized there would be a baby chicken fetus in the egg.

What does a little spot of blood in a chicken egg mean?

It means the egg was fertilized :\

When does an egg become a chicken?

After the egg has been fertilized, incubated and exited the shell.

Is a chicken egg diploid or haploid?

A fertilized chicken egg is considered diploid, while an unfertilized chicken egg is haploid. Chickens are diploid when you are considering chromosomes.

Why does a fertilized chicken egg weigh more?

A feshly collected fertilized egg should NOT weigh barely a nanogram more than an unfertilized egg!

Is a chicken egg internal or externally fertallized?

Externally fertilized

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