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I take it you are fairly young and of course it's appears you are unsure of your relationship with this young man. Usually young men will not hang around (unless there is sex involved) if they didn't like the girl. If you are not sexually active together then he could be simply a good friend or too shy to ask you out. Communication is everything so why not go for a coffee and sit and talk about it and hear what he has to say about it. Good luck

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What could be the reason your guy friend tells you that he feels protective of you?

The reason that your guy friend tells you that he feels protective of you could be because he likes you more than just a friend. It could be that he likes you like said above, or it could be because that you're a close enough friend unlike most that he feels like you have made or been made a part of his family, and heart. Affection like that is definitely a keeper in my opinion.

What does it mean when your best friend is annoyed by you and wont talk to you after you kiss her crush?

It means she likes him and if you kiss him this means that you know she likes him so leave him alone she feels annoyed because she likes him. That you are children and she is annoyed.

What if your friend is a tomboy she playfully punches you and likes to hang around and talk to you alone at lunch does that mean she likes you?

She's probably just being a friend. She is a tomboy after all and playfully punching is what boys do to each other. You can always ask her how she really feels about you.

What does it mean when a guy says he likes being with you?

It means that he likes you, and he wants you to know how he feels about you.. :D

Who likes to feel the metal?

I do because it feels shiny!

Does riley freeman like jazmine?

No.He does not like her because he thinks that she is annoying and cries too much and thats how Huey feels about her but likes her as a friend.

This girl i like who is also my best friend keeps on giving me her number because i lose it all the time but she doesn't get frustrated does this mean she likes me?

I don't believe she likes you in that way. She is just being nice because she is your friend.

Your friend likes a girl but when he talkes to her he talkes to her friend?

ok, I'm a girl and if he's talking to the girls friend he's making a BIG mistake because the girl, especially if she likes him back will think your not interested in her and interested in the friend. he should feel comfortable when he talks to the girl he likes and let her know how he feels cause he's making things worse not talking to her

What do you do when a guy likes you but your best friend likes him?

Ask if you like him for him, or like him because your best friend likes him - then either ask him out, or do not.

What do you do when you know a boy likes your best friend but you like him and you sit next to him?

Well, If he likes your best friend then he likes her, If you like him confront him or casually ask him if he feels the same...if he doesn't then there are plenty of other fish in the sea

Why he talks about his new girlfriend?

You generally talk about what you are passionate for. So he must be passionate about the feeling he feels for his new girl friend. There is something he likes about her. You generally talk about what you are passionate for. So he must be passionate about the feeling he feels for his new girl friend. There is something he likes about her.

Should you go for your friend's good friend if you know he likes you and you like him too but you also know your friend likes you?

Well it depends on whether she likes him as more than a friend or not. I have been out with my best friends friend but that didnt end too well so I suggest that you talk to her about how she feels about him.

What does it mean when a girl says you're okay?

It probably means that she likes you as a friend or more as a friend, try telling her how she feels and she can tell you.

How did your friend become a superhero?

because he is my friend and he likes sonic

Should I give up if my crush likes my friend when he already knows I like him?

Yes, you should give up if your crush likes your friend. You'll eventually have a crush on someone who feels the same

How do you know if your guy friend likes you when he has a girlfriend?

when he does things with you that he wouldn't do with his gf because he feels comfortable with you or he dresses nice when he knows you guys will meet or if he does more for you than his gf

What happens if you ask a?

It means she likes you as a friend, but not in any other way. But, she doesn't want to hurt your feelings, and she feels funny that you asked, because she doesn't think of you that way.

Why does a guy hug a girl all the time when he says hi?

maybe because he likes her as a friend or maybe he's her boyfriend maybe because he likes her as a friend or maybe he's her boyfriend maybe because he likes her as a friend or maybe he's her boyfriend

How can you tell if your friend likes you you are really close friends but everyone keeps telling you he likes you?

Try To get a friend to talk to him, get them to ask him. try to make it someone he also feels comfortable talking to because he has more of a chance of telling the truth to that person, if the person is not close with him he will probably say no

What do you do when your best friend likes a guy and that guy likes you?

well tell him how you feel and if you like him then tell him that your friend likes him and all of you get together and discuss how to solve the problem and if she gets mad with you then tell that guy that likes you to talk to your friend and explain to her how he feels about you so she can know that she has to move on or if not tell HER what's going on with him and you Good Luck .....

What does it mean why a guy friend sleeps with his hand over your waist?

it means that he likes u very much and he feels likes to take it to the next level

If a guy says he dreams about you does that mean he likes you?

it could mean only one of two things. either he likes you(as a friend) or he likes-likes you(as more than a friend). you need to ask him what it was about. if it's about him falling in love with you or you being in danger he likes-likes you. if it is about you being in the background you know not a major role then he just likes you.

My BFF really likes this guy and I kind of starting to having feelings for him and I think he feels the same way about me What do I do?

If a person likes the same guy as their best friend it is best to not go out with the guy because the person's friend may get mad at them. If they were to talk it over with their friend and she said she really didn't mind them going out, then it may be fine.

What if your friend said My brother likes you a little bit What does that mean?

If your friend's brother likes you a little it means that he likes you a little.Maybe you should talk to him and see how he feels about you. Your friend may be lying or her brother likes you a lot he's just to afraid to say it to your face. Hope i helped you out.

How do you know if the guy you like likes your friend?

you will know that he likes your friend because he will always bring her up and he will want to be around her.