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How does a guy know whether or not he is ugly if he does not like how he looks in the mirror but other people say he is good looking?

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2007-09-14 13:30:42

It's simple: just pick up an age-appropriate popular

"COLOR: black; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #a0ffff">magazine or clothing

catalog. For example, if you are a 34 year-old man, try GQ,

Esquire, or the the Macy's Fall Sale Catalog. Look at the

advertisements. Or, watch TV. If you look like any of the men

there, you are attractive. If you don't , you're not. That's it!

Like it or not, fair or not, that's the world. Advertisers have

spent a lot of money, time, and effort to figure all this out.

Don't try to redo their research. If you are overweight, it's even

easier :-) Sorry, them's the facts! This doesn't mean you won't

find a woman who likes you; it just means it will be harder for you

than for other guys. When a woman thinks a guy is hot, about half

will admit it. The other half will say: "He's so sensitive - really

understands me, ..." Don't believe it, she just likes his 6-pack!

Women don't fall in love with cash or personality. Like us guys,

it's 90% looks. They'll make up the rest to sound politically


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