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It's simple ... QUIT LYING AND CHEATING! I hate statistics, but here we go ... it's proven that over 90% of people have cheated at least once in their lives. About 39% of these people could kick their own butts and rip out their tongues for doing it and stop doing it! The other 51% never get it! Those who don't care to give up their lying and cheating, end up a sorry mess for most of their lives and they lose some precious things in their lives such as true love, someone looking up to you, and the inner feeling of knowing you can be counted on 100% by your true love, family and friends. Cheaters aren't hardly worth the air they use up. Many people do make a mistake and can have an affair when they are unhappy, but somewhere along the line their guilty conscience catches up to them and they realize they have made a huge mistake and they stop doing it and make a real effort to balance themselves out again. Why on earth, if one love someone would a person ever risk taking a chance of losing someone they truly loved! This is where the cheater always ends up ... alone, or one night stands, and remember this "the head of the snake always turns around and bites you in the butt." Marcy

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Q: How does a man act towards his girlfriend or wife if his guilt is eating him up because he is lying and cheating?
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