How does a man who gets repeatedly hit by his wife seek help without getting thrown in jail himself because he's labeled the greater threat under the Primary Aggressor law?

That's simply not true about the laws. There are Abuse Centers and many of them have programs for abused men. There is much talk of abused women on this site (because there are simply more women abused) and seldom did men come out and talk about their abuse, and I'm proud you did! Most people can't believe a man can be abused because yes, they are physically stronger, but what a lot of people don't realize is GOOD MEN are brought up not to hit women. When a woman strikes out at them these men take it and I've seen men with black eyes, missing teeth and one woman that punched her husband in the nose when he was sound asleep (she was a roaring alcoholic). When he was so rudely woken, he staggered into the ensuite to check out what hit him and she nailed him right behind the knees with one of his golf clubs and he hit the floor like a sack of rocks!!!! He had the smarts to call the police, lay charges against her and had her stay over-night in jail. He told her if she ever did it again he would leave her in jail and see her in court and he meant it! To this day she has never touched him, but I can't say their marriage is the strongest one I've ever seen. Man or woman, no one should ever take this sort of abuse. Don't be embarrassed and please, don't think because you are a man that people won't believe you are abused. If your wife isn't willing to get help (and you by her side) then it's time for you to move on. Abusive relationships are toxic and if you have children at home or living away from home this is damaging to them as well. You can phone your local Mental Health and and they will help you out and direct you down the right path for help. If your wife hits you again and bloodies your nose, leaves deep scratching or cuts from throwing something at you or threatens you with any weapon, you call the police and have her taken away in handcuffs! The cops will probably be more than delighted to do so. Good luck Marcy Record her in action then let the police listen to it. ---- Take pictures, record her, have people come over when she's like that - and get out of she doesn't stop. ----