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How does a person die from drinking too much water?

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As human beings are creatures of chemicals, there can always be too much of a good thing. The human body contains many different chemicals called electrolytes that the body depends on for normal functioning. However, these electrolytes must be within a very stable concentration in order to work properly. If a person takes in more water than they can remove, these electrolytes become diluted and the person goes into what is called water intoxication of hyperhydration. In fact, the theory of sports drinks like Gatorade is that if a drink contains not just water, but the correct concentration of electrolytes, there is minimal risk of water intoxication. People on a low-sodium diet are at higher risk of water intoxication, but the people who should truly be concerned are marathon runners, who by nature drink lots and lots of water. However, most people are much more likely to suffer the opposite end of the spectrum: dehydration.

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Can you die from drinking lots of water?

Yes, you can die from drinking a lot of water. You can die from having too much of anything.

Could you damage your only kidney by drinking too much water?

Yes, you can also die by drinking too much water.

How long after drinking salt water till you die?

It depends on how much salt water you drink, if you drink a cup a day for a week and then stop drinking salt water you will die in a year...

Can you die from drinking to much water?

Yes. It's called drowning.

Can you die from drinking urine?

you can die from too much of anything, even water... everything in moderation

How water can be toxic?

Water can be toxic if the person poisons the water in the first place or you are not drinking distilled water and you get lead into your body and die.

Can you die of drinking too much pool water?

Yes, because you can die of drinking too much water. But this would take more than a gallon of water at least. Chlorine added to the water can cause digestive upsets, but seldom anything life-threatening.

Why is salt water bad for drinking?

it is bad for drinking because it is salty nasty and if u drink to much of the water u could possibly die!

Why is too much water bad for you?

Yes, you can die from drinking too much water. This has happened during initiation ceremonies at colleges.

Can you die from drinking too much tea?

ANSWER One can die from drinking too much of anything.

Which animal drink water after a year and after drinking it died?

There are animals that can get so much of their water from the food that they eat that they very rarely have to drink. But these still tend to drink a little if water is available. There are no animals that routinely die from drinking pure water. Animals that die of drinking bad, posionous water - sure, that happens.

Does a kangaroo die after drinking water at the age of one year?

Kangaroos do not die after drinking water at the age of one year. Kangaroos keep on drinking water throughout their lives.

How much water can you drink in a day with out dying?

I don't think that you can die from drinking to much water, because at some point you are going to have to go pee.

How does drinking affect you?

some people can die from it.others might get drunk but it depends on how much the person drank.

How do you die from drinking salt water?

the salt in the salt water will dehydrate you and you will die.

Can you die by drinking to much Gatorade?

Actually yes, you can die from drinking to much of anything. Especially alcohol. Iv'e heard in the news papers that a very obese woman entered a water drinking contest. She drank so much water she suddenly fell over and died. So no its not a good idea to drink to much of anything. You should have only 3 or 4 bottles of Gatorade a day.

Is drinking 2 gallons of water a day unhealthy?

Yes it is. If you drink too much, you will die for good.

After drinking water once can an owl die?


How many people die from drinking dirty water everyday?

4000 children die from drinking dirty water everyday Hope I Helped :L

Is it possible for a human to die from drinking to much water at one time?

yes a girl was in a drinking contest with water and she won but when she got home she was really tired so she slept and she died in her sleep.

What are consequences of water?

Water is good for drinking, however drinking too much water will cause your interal organs to drown and you can die from this. Also flooding can cause massive damage and delays to people who need to go to work.

Why did a fish die when you pour drinking water in its bowl?

because the drinking water contains chlorine, which will kill the fish

How many people die each year from drinking too much water?

10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, includin' you and yo mom

How much dirty water can you drink before you die?

It depends how dirty. Theres a piece of dust, or your drinking sewage.

Why animals drink water and die and when they do not drink they also die?

Drinking water makes them not die for a lot longer.