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re-run. see above post

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Q: How does a private party registered owner in CA repossess a motorcycle from someone who is living in another state?
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Do you need your motorcycle registered to drive on private property?

This depends on who owns the property. If the property is yours then no registration required Do you have permission, Then no registration required. Other wise yes it must be registered

Can you repossess a car that was unpaid in a private party sale?


Can they come on private property in Michigan and repossess your car?


Can you legally repossess a private party RV in WA?

Only if you have a lien on it.

Can the state of North Carolina charge for personal property when they repossess your car?

The state doesn't repossess your car - private companies do that on behalf of the lienholder. They don't charge you for private property left in your car when they repossess it - that would be illegal. They charge a "storage fee" for the items they remove from your car. Underhanded, yes, but they can legally do it.

Is it legal to go onto private property to repossess a car?

No, they are allowed to come and take it away.

Can someone come onto a private driveway and repossess a car in the state of Ohio?

YES, if there is no breach of peace

Where is Julian Bond registered to vote?

That is a private matter.

What is a cheapest way to buy a motorcycle?

Used from a private party.

How do you legally repossess a car from someone late on their payments that's in lien to you but registered to them?

From my Experience All you really need is a written Contract on the said property, Dealers, Used car lots, and Banks register the property financed so it shows the lien on the title. Private sales with money owed if you have a written contract you can repossess on site. if this is an oral agreement, You will have to go through the small claims division of the county courts

How do you find a list of registered firearms?

As a private citizen, you can't.

How can you know that any private company is registered by government?

Due to the fact that they are a private company they are entitled to not release any information about there affiliation with the government if they choose not to. So to answer your question there is no way to know if they are registered or not.

Can you legally open a security gate on private property to repossess a car?

It is against state law to open a locked gate.

Can a private seller repossess a car?

If the terms and agreements of the sale is not met legally yes they can if they have retained their legal title to the vehicle

Can they come on private property and repossess your car in Kentucky?

Yes they can even though it is on your private propery since you have no longer been making the payments the bank owns it and it is their property and they have the right to retrieve it

What is Matt Damon's mobile number?

His number is not registered. It is a private number.

Is state registration required on private property?

yes in Pakistan you have to get registered every private property for acquiring its full legal rights

Can a repossession agent come on private property to repossess a vehicle?

I am not 100% on this but I am almost certain that they can as if an item is inside the home they can come in to take those

Does the lien holder have the right to repossess your car if you left on a handshake and you had no contract and it was a private lender?

Yes. If the lien is valid, a written contract is not necessary and the holder can legally repossess the vehicle in conjunction with the existing laws of the state in which the vehicle is located or in some cases where it was sold.

You bought a car private in Scotland andthe previous owner did notclear the lan now l have a company wanting to repossess it?

i bought a car and the previous owner never paidthe loan off now thereis a company wanting to repossess thecar from me what can l do

Can an individual in California who sold a car with a private loan repossess the car when only one payment was made and the car has been mpved to Virginia?


Does a repo man have the authority to trespass on private property that is clearly marked no trespassing to repossess someone else's car?

yes as long as there are no locked gates

Can a private party repossess your vehicle without a signed contract or any proof that you owe then money which you do NOT?

No, they cannot take your vehicle without a signed document.

Is a repossession vehicle allowed to repossess a vehicle inside a private community in the state of Florida?

If the repossessor is allowed in, yes. They cannot force their way into the community.

Difference between public bank and a private bank and foreign bank?

Public bank: More than 50% stake owned by government. Hence controlled (management, operations etc) by govt. Private Bank: More than 50% stake owned by private individuals or institutions within the country and registered in the same country. Private management. Foreign Bank: Banks registered outside the home country and owned by individuals/institutions from another country but with branches present in home country. Has to follow regulations of both countries.