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How does a repo agent find someone who gives false information if you have the full name and Social Security number?


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email me your info and Ill try to help ya in the right direction.

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You can't - that information is protected under law !

You do not. Use of the Social Security number is the exclusive venue of the Social Security Administration as established by the Social Security Act.

people can do almost ANYTHING if they have your social security number

Your parents should have this information. Also, the Social Security Office has this information, however, you may need an adult to get your social security number. The best answer I can give you is to call your local Social Security Office.

The only way you can do it is by knowing personal information, and that means their Social Security Number.

Your Social Security number is yours to use for a lifetime. If you find out that someone else has used it notify the Social Security Office immediately. No one can use their Social Security number to connect a telephone for another person. It is their own personal number for their use only for their lifetime.

They can get into your bank accounts and such.

NO. You would need a valid Social Security Number. NO. You would need a valid Social Security Number.

Open a credit account, steal their identity, keep your social security number as safe as you can.

Minors have social security numbers. It is illegal to post your earnings to someone else's number such as an adult reporting their earnings from an employer on their children's SSN. Contact your local office or the website for more information.

One social security number is issued to you. If you use more than one then you must be using someone else's. If you have two SS# then contact the Social Security Administration and get it corrected. You want the income information properly reported so you get all you are supposed to.

people can use your information to get your social security number

You don't have the authority to demand a social security number of a customer. They are within their rights to refuse that information.

No. The red numbers on the back of a social security card are control numbers that verify the authenticity of the card. They serve no other purpose.

As you ask, it is not possible if someone try to fing general background can find Social Security number. Only Social Security Authority or Government Authority can find it if it is needed or you requested it.

You don't buy a social security number. You go to your local social security office and apply to receive your own personal social security number.Buying a social security number is against the law.

To get any sort of public benefit, such as Medicaid or SSI, one has to have a Social Security number.

Report it to the social security admin. Don't mess around with letting them know. They can issue you a new number.

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