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Salt systemI purchased one and found the following site in my research . I love my salt system and wouldn't haven't any other way. Good luck. How salt generators workIn a nut shell: Chlorine is made from salt, So the Generator splits the salt molacule into 2 parts 1 part chlorine or (sodium Hypochlorite)and 1 part 1/2 salt and the other Hydrachloric or Muratic acid.Therefore adding Chlorine to water and at the same time keeping the PH neutral at about 7.0 unless of course you swim in it and then your pH rises.

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Q: How does a salt water system keep a pool sanitized?
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How should you clean pool water?

Pool water needs to be regularly sanitized with some sort of system that kills bacteria and other pathogens. Then the water needs to be run through a filter to remove dust and bio materials to keep the water clear

What causes algae to grow in pools?

algae is lke any other water plant, it needs food(aka:nitrates).If you keep your pool properly sanitized and oxidized you wont hav a problem.

Why does my Intex salt water pool system keep turning the water brown - goes into the system clear but water exits the system - and into pool - brownish?

Are you using iodized salt or pool salt? I've read that the iodine in the iodized salt will leave yellow staining in the pool.

When is it safe to swim in pool if dead rat found?

It is only safe to swim in a pool when a dead rat is found if it has been drained and sanitized. You risk dying if you enter before the pool has been 100 percent sanitized.

Why does a pool turn green after adding water from below the tile line to the mid-tile line?

My guess is that the pool was under-sanitized (insufficient chlorine for example) before you started adding the fill water. The fill water is also probably under-sanitized, or at best would have very little chlorine in it (and possibly some phosphates). You should keep a good residual of free-and-available sanitizer (chlorine for example) at all times - and add more sanitizer to cater for new topup water.

How do you keep pool warm?

With a heating system

Is it dangerous to swim in no free chlorine pool?

As long the pool is sanitized in other ways. There are several other ways a pool can be safe and not use chlorine.

Is it OK to keep the water level of a saline pool up and the pump running throughout an Alabama winter after the pool is covered?

So long as the water is kept up to the filtration system there is no problem with doing this.

Can you drain water from above ground pool and keep the pool up?

Yes, the pool will not collapse if you remove the water as long as it is not broken.

What pool supplies do you need for a salt water pool?

You will need tools such as a hose, a net and filters to keep the water clean, lamps for swimming at night. And you need chemicals to keep your salt water pool clean.

How do i keep my in ground swimming pool from holding water?

Pump the water out or put a cover over the pool.

What are the chemicals needed to keep a spa clean?

Chemicals like Bromine and Chlorine are often used to help keep pools and spas sanitized and clean. These can be found at local pool and spa stores and also supercenters.

You heard new pool water is green and turns blue in a few days is this true?

You have to treat pool water with pool chemicals and use a pool filter to get and keep the water clear.

What causes low total alkalinity?

Improperly sanitized water or excessive rainfall can cause a low total alkalinity level in your pool. Low total alkalinity can cause pool staining, itchy and burning eyes and skin, and corrosion of metal parts in the pool.

Is a salt water pool or a fresh water pool eaiser to keep clear?

Both require the same maintenance.

Will switching from chlorine chemical system to a salt water system ruin pool?

No A salt water pool is in fact also chlorine pool, the difference being that with a salt water pool a salt water chlorinator converts the salt that is in the water into chlorine gas which is then dissolved into the water while the filter is running. the conversion wont have any adverse effects on the pool.

Why are phosphates in a pool bad?

Phosphates are Algae Food. If your swimming pool has a lot of phosphates it's more likely to get algae if it is not correctly sanitized.

What is the Concentration of bleach to water in pools?

Chlorine should be kept between 1-3 ppm at all times. Below that and the water is not sufficeintly sanitized. Above that and you should not enter the pool. A test kit will tell you the ppm, adust as needed daily. Pool & Spa

How do you convert in ground fresh water pool to a salt water pool?

Choose the salt water pool chlorinating system (available at pool shops) Install it or have it installed, toss the required amount of salt in the pool and viola you have a salt water chlorination system. The whole operation should take no more then about 3 hours.

Should you tie the pool water leveler to the water softener?

You can, if the water presently in the pool is 'hard' - but be very careful to keep an eye on the Calcium Hardness of the pool water. If you filled a pool with water from the softener, the water would be hungry for calcium and drag it out of the pool walls, making them feel and look like sandpaper. Calcium hardness should be kept within 200-275ppm. best to use regular water for topup and keep the pool water properly balanced (see your local pool store).

What is The need in pool cover?

To keep out debris and help keep water warm.

How do you get rid of bird poop from an above-ground pool and what pool chemicals are needed?

The quickest way would be to net out as much of it as you can. In order to sanitize you pool water you will need to shock it with chlorine. However, check your water balance prior to adding chlorine. Birds are attracted to the swimming pool water and it will be difficult to keep them away. If you keep floating toys or objects in your pool when it is not in use consider removing them or keep your pool covered unless you are using it. A Solar cover would help your pool retain heat and keep the bird dropping out of the water!!

Is it better to swim in a lake during the summer or in a pool?

A pool the water is sanitized and with proper water chemistry. A lake may contain harmful bacteria. Water chemistry in a pool is balanced to somewhat obtain the chemical levels that are present in tap water that you drink. You are trying to duplicate that with pool chemistry. You drink chlorine and wash clothes in it. After hurricanes and such small amounts of bleach is used to sanitize water enough to drink. Think about it. Would you drink that lake water or drink your properly balanced pool water instead? Hope this is helpful.

Can you just filter water until it's clean?

No The water needs to be sanitized in some matter in order to prevent bacteria, algae, and any other microbes. Your pool water should be changed every 3-5 years if properly cared for. You will have to drain, and refill your pool every week if you did not sanitize.

How much water evaporates from a pool in south Florida?

It all depends in the relative humidity of the air at the time. If you suspect that you are loosing more water then you should. Put a bucket of water next to the pool or even better on the top step of the pool to keep it the same temperature. Mark the water level in it. then mark the water level of the pool. Leave them both alone for a couple of days. Measure the amount of water that has evaporated out of the bucket. if it is les then the amount evaporated out of the pool then you have a leak some where Either in the pool or the piping or filtration system.