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How does a wing help an airplane fly?


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The wind pushes the airplane helping it to stay in the air and fly.

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in a conventional airplane it connects the wing to the control surfaces in the tail.

A paper airplane cannot fly without a wing.

Usually not, but it would depend on the airplane, the pilot, and what you mean by "fly".

The best wing shape for sn airplane is like a triangle because it fly straight

The shape of the wing affects every flying characteristic of the aircraft. A long, thin wing will help it fly further.

The wing spar. The spar is the main structure of the wing that supports the load of the entire airplane. All the loads go through the wing into the wing spar and down to the center of it, which is called the "wing box". (You could call this the most important part,)An airplane may fly without its engines. It might be able to fly without its flight controls. But it can not fly if the wing spar breaks.

It would be said that the Wright Brother invented the airplane wing. They were the first to fly a heavier than air craft.

The wing that has a longer wing cause it could fly longer.

it flays with wing and petrol. few crew members

Because if you only have one wing it's not gona be balanced!

The fin and rudder help to keep the airplane flying straight and to steer properly. It is an airflow surface similar to the wing.

both the birds wing and the airplane wing are curved on top

Air resistance actually holds an airplane back. It must overcome that resistance to fly.

Sailboat is to sail as kite is to fly, just as airplane is to wing and oil tanker is to engine.

Because the speed of the air over the wing generates 'lift' to make it fly.

it's wing and light bones help it fly

Yes, the design of a paper airplane cane help it to fly farther. The more aerodynamic the design, the better the plane will fly.

Because of the shape of airplane wings, friction assists in moving the craft forward. This friction creates lift on the wing helping the plane stay in the air.

The wing of the paper airplane can make it fly far. For a glider, make a large wingspan and light, evenly balanced weight. Also, the wider the wings are the easier it will be to gain lift and the more narrower the wings are the harder it will be to stay in the air longer.

READ THIS - GOOD INFORMATION The wings of an airplane and the rotors of a helicopter both help the object fly. Without those the object could not fly because the wings of an airplane have wind going past it which keeps the airplane in the air. The rotors of a helicopter spin in the wind and help the helicopter fly.

Wing is a noun; and airplane is a noun being used adjectivally.

Neither, it is their natural ability to fly.

Can you fly on airplane with pericarditis

if its a basic airplane, adding paper clips to the wings can help so it doesnt just fly in random directions.

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