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How does alcohol and drug abuse affect a relationship?

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Suspending moral judgments, one has to consider the nature of the relationship in it's basic structure; i.e: parent to child, sibling to sibling, child to parent, loved one to loved one; and then be aware of any changes in behaviors when the substance is in use and, or,is being abused. Various drugs and compounds will have effects that differ from individual to individual in varied circumstances. One has to take into account 'HOW' the substance is being used. Is is used to make one feel good, to alev iate negative feelings? Is the user so addicted (accustomed) to the substance that non-use results in negative behaviors?

Are you enabling your person to continue abusive use of the substance: i.e.; look the other way, join in, approve, remain silent, provide it, hold it for them, provide them positive atmosphere, location, venue? How do feel about this?

How are you effected by the persons use and or abuse? Are you clear here? Have you honestly and clearly expressed your position, without judgment and expectation? How do you feel about this?

Drugs and alcohol can effect a relationship between two people in much the same way as a third person can. But, with a third person, you can't pour them down the sink, but you can leave.

All organisms seek health in their circumstances. Using a substance to cope with circumstances is one way towrds health, but depending on the circumstances,it can be very costly.

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How does years of alcohol and drug abuse affect your sperm?

It kills it. Poor little guys.

Is drinking alcohol a drug abuse?

Alcohol is a drug, and drinking alcoholic beverages in excess is a form of substance abuse.

Does drug and alcohol abuse happen in France?

Drug and alcohol abuse happen wherever significant numbers of human beings are exposed to drugs and alcohol.

What is the biggest drug to be abuse?


Why is alcohol and drug abuse considered a individual problem?

Alcohol and drug abuse are individual problems (that is, are caused by individuals) because it is the individual who chooses to use or to abuse these substances.

Which of the following questions would be most likely to yield debatable conclusions?

What is the relationship between fame and drug and alcohol abuse

Alcohol invovled in child abuse?

Alcohol and drug addiction is a very common factor in child abuse cases.

What are some recreational activities in preventing drug alcohol abuse?

There are many recreation activities that can help in preventing drug and alcohol abuse. Sports are one recreation that help prevent drug and alcohol abuse. Other creative methods like art and music can also help.

How can people recover from drug and alcohol abuse?

People can recover from drug and alcohol abuse by acknowledging they have a problem, going to rehabilitation centers, and being supported by family members and friends.

How does one's alcohol or drug abuse impact his nutrition?

People with drug or alcohol dependencies are also at increased risk of malnutrition.

How can alcohol and drug abuse cause anxiety?

Yes anxiety is very common and even inevitable in those who abuse alcohol and or drugs.

What obstacle's do you expect to encounter with drug and alcohol abuse?

the police

What is an outreach program for alcohol and drug abuse?

alcoholics anyomous

Drug or alcohol abuse begins when the user?

Drug or alcohol abuse begins when the occasional curious use or limited social use is overtaken by compulsive uncontrolled misuse harming oneself or others.

Is alcoholism the largest area of drug abuse?

Alcoholism is an incredibly large part of drug abuse, yes, but right now in the United States opioid abuse has surpassed all other drug addictions. Alcohol IS a drug, glad you pointed that out!

How you stop opium use?

call a drug and alcohol abuse hotline

When does Drug or alcohol abuse begins?

as young as ten years old

Where can you find the alcohol drug substance abuse questionnaire?

Do many of people view drug and alcohol abuse as social problem?

I'm no specialist on drug and alcohol abuse in correlation to social interaction, but colloquial insistence on intoxicating one's self is prevalent in our society.

What is the National Alcohol Drug Abuse Info-Center?

The National Alcohol Drug Abuse Info - Center is a place where you can go to learn more about Alcohol abuse and/or how to stop or prevent it. There is a number you can call by looking it up on Google or the phonebook if you have one in your area. Good luck and I hope this helps =]

What has the author Marc Alan Schuckit written?

Marc Alan Schuckit has written: 'Drug and alcohol abuse' -- subject(s): Alcoholism, Diagnosis, Drug abuse, Substance abuse, Therapy

What body system is affected by drug abuse?

Your mind is affected by drug abuse. Some drugs affect the part of your brain that makes decisions.

As first lady what fight did Nancy Reagan concentrate on?

Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

Do many people view drug and alcohol abuse as a social problem?


Drug or alcohol abuse begins when the use?

Interferes with day to day life

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