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How does an African American woman stop her hair from breaking?


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February 12, 2008 10:12AM

for relaxed hair: i have this problem but i think you need to just handle it as gently as possible - this means no raking hair brushes or combs from roots to ends; instead, comb through hair very gently and work through tangles with fingers. use a deep conditioner weekly (moisture is your friend!) and only blow-dry when hair is 90-95% dry, using above detangling/brushing technique. sleep on a satin pillow case and/or wrap a satin scarf around your head at night to avoid tangles and breakage around your hairline.

shea butter is a miracle worker, but use it sparingly as a moisturizer. and try to keep products to a minimum - find one or two (i use a hair serum and shea butter sometimes), as product buildup can further dry out hair and cause it to break.

keep ends moist.