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Not necessarily.If the immigrant in question was inspected upon entry (meaning they originally entered legally and overstayed a visa) and do not have any criminal convictions either in the United States or abroad then their marriage to a US citizen can permit them to become Permanent Residents (and eventually naturalize if they so choose).

The marriage must be genuine and not for convenience and sufficient proof of the marriage's genuineness must be provided to USCIS when the US Citizen Petitioner submits the application.

In situations like this it is always recommended that you retain a reputable Immigration Lawyer to assist you with the application process to ensure that the supporting documentation and applications are properly prepared and compiled.

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Q: How does an illegal immigrant that marries a US citizen become legal?
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If a minor was raised in the US illegally can they become a legal immigrant through marriage when they reach the age of majority?

Yes. If the illegal immigrant marries a citizen, they can become a citizen from that.

What happens when an illegal immigrant marryies a u.s. citizen?

when a illegal immigrant marries a u.s. citizen he or she becomes a u.s. citizen and does not have to return to his or her country I don't think that it's entirely true. If you don't have any papers, then you can not become a US citizen UNLESS you have a visa or greencard.

Can an illegal immigrant with a felony become a citizen?


Can an illegal immigrant married to an us citizen with children that is their child together become legal?

Yes, but the illegal immigrant must seek a lawyer to help them become a citizen. The illegal may even have to return to their native country and await citzenship rights to the U.S. but just because an illegal marries a citizen does not give them a free pass. It may however, speed up the process.

Can an illegal immigrant become a citizen after domestic violence?


Can an illegal immigrant become legal by marrying with an international student?

Check with the laws in your state before getting married, but in most states, anyone who marries a United States citizen can become a US citizen, and thus be legal.

Can illegal immigrant who won Mega Million become a citizen?


If you marry an illegal alien will they become a US citizen?

A person will not automatically become a US citizen as soon as soon as an illegal alien marries a citizen. The illegal alien will have to file for a VISA with the INS.

What happens if a person with working visa marries a person who is an immigrant?

nothing she tills has to become a citizen

What are the legal actions if an illegal immigrant marries to become legal but does not reside with that person and gets caught?

The illegal immigrant will most likely be deported to whence they came.

Does an illegal immigrant become a legal resident by having a baby with an American citizen?


How can an illegal immigrant join the army to become a us citizen?

You can't join the U.S. Army if you're illegal...

If im an illegal immigrant can you become a citizen?

Unless you can attain refugee or asylum status, it is impossible for an illegal immigrant to attain citizenship with current U.S. laws.

Can an illegal immigrant become a citizen of the U.S. if their business makes more than ten thousand dollars a month?

No, an illegal immigrant could never change status to a citizen, he would have to become a legal permanent resident first (LPR). But in any case, just making $10k/month wont allow an illegal immigrant to become a LPR

Can an immigrant become a US citizen if married?

no,but the us citizen can help the immigrant become legal.

Is there a way for an illegal immigrant to become a legal residenc other than marrting a us citizen?

I thought you could also become a citizen by joining the army

Can an immigrant become an American police officer?

A lawful immigrant who has become a naturalized American Citizen can become a police officer, but not an immigrant/alien who has not become a US citizen.

Can an underage illegal immigrant become legal by being adopted by a US citizen?

if you can actually adopt him yea

When an illegal immigrant has a baby in the US do they become legal?

Yes they do and they can be president since of they are natural born citizen

If a British citizen marries an illegal can they become a citizen or a legal resident both are same sex the illegal has been in UK for 4 years now and has just recently aplied for residency?


Would it be easier to become an American citizen if you're an illegal immigrant who is married to a U.S. citizen AND your child is a U.S. citizen as well?

I believe that you're guaranteed a citizenship when you marry a citizen, but being an illegal complicates the matter.

Can an illegal immigrant who entered the US legally and left the US willingly marry a US citizen and return to the US?

No, and the laws regarding marriage to an illegal immigrant become more draconian every day.

If a us citizen marries a non us citizien do they become a citizen?

No, they do not become a citizen by virtue of marriage.

Does a US citizen who marries a Mexican National become a citizen of Mexico?


Can an illegal immigrant become US citizen if convicted of felony deported and reentered U.S illegally?

There is absolutely no chance for an illegal person who has been convicted to become a US citizen. US citizenship requires a person to be of a good moral character.