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How does an illegal immigrant with two kids born in the US become a US citizen?


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No, the children do as current law stands, but the parent is not considered legal.

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Yes they do and they can be president since of they are natural born citizen

the child is a natural born citizen and a full citizen of the US

yes if you are born in the U S you are a citizen no matter what what your parent status is at the time of your birth.

If born in the United States the baby will be a legal citizen, the immigrants status will not change.

No- the President must be a natural born citizen.

No, that just means that the child will be a US immigrant. The illegal immigrant will still be illegal.

If the baby was born in the United States of America or even at a U.S. Embassy anywhere in the world, the baby is automatically deemed an American citizen despite the parent being an illegal immigrant.

No. Only a natural born citizen is eligible to become President of the United States.

No. The only way to become a citizen is to be born in the country or do the regular process of becoming a citizen.

No. A baby born in the USA is automatically a citizen, but the mother is still illegal.

Anyone born in the US, regardless of the citizenship of the parents, can elect to be a US citizen.

If the child was born in the country they would not be illegal. To become legal they would need to take a citizen test.

An illegal immigrant technically has rights based on the treatment of any human as stated in the constitution.A legal immigrant(Assuming US Citizenship) has every right any natural born US Citizen would have.A legal immigrant(Assuming Non-US Citizen) I BELIEVE has every right any natural born US Citizen would have.Another View: An ILLEGAL immigrant has no US Constitutional rights conferred upon them, since they are ILLEGALY in this country to begin with. The only so-called "rights" they possess are those (as yet to be appealed) "privileges" afforded them by decisions of the lower courts.

Depends on where she was born. If she was born in the United States she is all ready a citizen. If she was born outside the country she would have to apply for citizenship. Since your are not a citizen and your husband is illegal she is not a citizen unless born here.

If your already married she's already legal! * An immigrant legal or illegal does not become a US citizen by marrying a US citizen. The female immigrant who is in the US illegal can still be deported under US immigration laws. The issue of her being married to a citizen and having children may or may not be to her advantage. If she is taken into custody she will be given the chance to appeal any deportation issues, but there can be no guarantee of the outcome. The best option is for her to consult an attorney who is knowledgeable in immigration law before taking any other action.

yes i think there is a law and that if the child was born in American then he has the right to file for who so ever he needs and the government sould be careful about the laws

Yes. If you were born in the US then you are a US citizen.

The child is automatically a U.S. citizen. I am a U.S. citizen and my husband is an illegal Mexican alien and we have two kids. Our children are U.S. citizens. As long as a chid is born in the U.S. they are citizens.

A citizen is either born to the country or immigrated and became a naturalized citizen, an alien is someone who is either an illegal immigrant or a visitor whose visa or pssport expired ,then never went back to their own country.

No, he was born in Hawaii. He is a natural born citizen of the US.

A legal immigrant who has become a U.S. citizen can hold every government office except President. The constitution says the president must be born in the USA. But many immigrants have become mayors, governors, senators, and representatives.

If someone is born in the USA, they are a natural born citizen. Illegal aliens are those who are born elsewhere and live in the USA without permission.

A person who is born a US citizen, rather than an immigrant. This normally means the person is born within the US, but there are certain circumstances where people born abroad to US citizen parents can be born a citizen as well.

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