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How does character building and morality enhance and develop your life and career?



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These qualities begin hopefully from what your parents, friends, or family teach you and then as we are out on our own with our peers we try to enhance on building a good and honesty character and practice morality. Morals are more important than one can ever imagine as is honesty and openness in character, but we all must realize we are but mere mortals(except dinosaurs) and no one is 100% perfect.

It doesn't matter if a person is a blue collar worker or a famous person, these two qualities are still as equally important. Men and women are still based on their integrity and morality. We choose which is good from evil and fly with it and sometimes the road is a bumpy one when faced with an enemy or running for a high position, but if one stands on solid ground and is not swayed by not being popular or by fear they can make the world of difference. If one doubts this they only have to look back into their own family history or their countries history.