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How does hi speed dial up work?

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Almost exactly like regular dialup, except that the ISP is compressing the data sent to/from your computer so that it travels faster. There is some overhead on your computer for the software to handle this, so some older or less peppy computers will slow down using this model.

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How many computers can you use at a time with the net-zero hi speed dial-up?

i would not use dial up ps i would change to dsl or cable dial up is way to slow

Does VoIP use a slow speed dial up connection?

It uses broadband connection to work better.

What is the difference between Dial-up and High Speed Internet?

Dial up is slow and high speed is fast and usually wireless

How do you set up speed dial on samsung vibrant?

Go to contacts then more and you'll see speed dial

How do you set up speed dial on a huawei ascend?

This phone does not have an actual speed dial option but you can add contacts to your home screen.

What is the highest download speed I can have when using a dial up internet service?

Dial up speed cannot be over 5 MBPS. It is extremely slow. The download speed is typically much slower than the internet speed however it does pose for a max. Dial up is not the best for speed especially with downloading. The top speed you can receive will depend on many factors including your computer.

What is the top speed a dial up connection can produce?

56k is the top speed of dial up connections and the loss of connectivity is most frequent when using dial up connections, as well as losing service when the telephone gets a call waiting beep.

What is a maximum speed of dial up modem?

56 kb

What type of high speed internet would be recommended for the normal homeowner that doesn't want dial up?

comcast work really well

How do you increase the speed of a dial-up modem?

If you have a dial up program (I.E Netzero) try turning the graphics quality down.

How do you set up speed dial on Samsung Galaxy proclaim?

To set up Speed Dial on your Samsung Proclaim, Touch the green PHONE icon on your screen, then touch the menu icon on the bottom (on far left bottom part of the phone, not on the screen.) It will present an option for Speed Dial Setting. Touch that. It will take you to your contacts and you can select the number to add to your speed dial list. After adding contacts, you can re-arrange the order or remove any of them. To make a call using Speed Dial, tap Phone Icon, then the Keypad icon. From the Dialer keypad, touch and hold the speed dial number.

Will majicjack work with dial up service?

No. Magicjack requires more bandwidth than allowed by dial up.

What is slow-speed technology to connect to the internet?


How can I determine what speed dial up access I have? is designed to test your broadband internet access speed. However, you can try it with dial up too, but it may take a very long time to load.

How much does it cost for dial up internet servers?

Dial up internet services can be as cheap as $9.99/month. They can also run up to $19.99/month. Dial up internet is cheaper than high speed internet

What is the speed of the fastest currently available dial up modem?

In the US modem speed is limited to 56K.

How do you get rid of dial up?

You can get rid of dial up by switching to high speed or dsl. Try getting a $10 deal from AT&T, which is hard to find but is well worth the offer for a non dial up internet connection.

What is the difference between Dial up DSL And cable?

The difference between Dial up and DSL connection, Dial up connection can only offer a top speed of 56k a second while DSL connectin ca The difference between Dial up and DSL connection, Dial up connection can only offer a top speed of 56k a second while DSL connectin can offer you speed of 6 Mb/sec and faster. DSL foes over your phone lines just like normal dial up that you need to be within range of your provider and they have to rent you a DSL modem so you can pick the DSL.

Download time of Google Chrome browser in hours for dial-up?

Dial up connections can be of different speeds as well. It depends on the speed, the time it takes to download.

Why does a sat nav tell you a different speed from the dial in your car?

Because sometimes the speed dial on your car can be up to 10kph different than your actual speed so I personally would trust your sat-nav

Can you connect your wii to the internet without dsl?

It does not have to be DSL it can also be cable, fiber, or satellite. But it does have to be some kind of high speed service. Dial up will not work.

How does the price of DSL internet services compare to dial-up?

Most dial up service is free or under 10.00 now where DSL ranges about 20.00 and up depending on the speed. The cost of DSL far outweighs the benefits over dial up.

Is high speed faster than dial-up?

I live in a place now that has no high speed internet options other than satellite internet so for years we had nothing but dial up service. Now we have satellite internet and it is 6 times faster than dial up. Cable or DSL is even faster than that. If you want to watch video's or listen to music online, ditching dial up is a must.

How do you set up speed dial on your tracfone?

Look in your phonebook on your cellphone. It has a speed dial number, say 8. Go back to first window where is shows your expiration date, etc. Push 8 then # key. then the green dial key. It should dial the number associated with 8.

Will Skype work with dial-up?

Probably not at all, and certainly not well.