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How does illegal immigration affect unemployment?

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the immigrants take job spaces that would otherwise go to legal workers, in exchange for cheap labor.

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In what ways does immigration affect the US?

BY JOBS , unemployment thats easy omg

Negative and positive impacts of illegal immigration?

Some negatives are that they affect the economy and the job market.

How can populations change?

Immigration & illegal immigration.

What are problems posed by immigration?

The problem caused by immigration is a rise in crime, unemployment

Why immigration affect equilibrium?

why does immigration and emigration affect equilibrium

Is immigration in Canada illegal?


Why is immigration illegal?

It isn't. There is a specialized system for legal immigration. Coming into a country without following that process is illegal.

When was Movement Against Illegal Immigration created?

Movement Against Illegal Immigration was created on 2002-07-10.

What are the demographic factors that affect immigration?

Immigration is influenced by push and pull factors. Push factors, such as unemployment or overpopulation, push people to leave an area. Pull, such as employment opportunities and stability, pulls people to a town.

What affects does illegal immigration have on us?

It has a affect on you because if the government the chases the immigrants out of one state; they might come into yours.

What does the letters INS stand for illegal immigration?

Immigration & Naturalization Service

What is Nancy Palozi's stand on illegal immigration I know what illegal immigration is. can I hear what Nancy Palozi's views on that subject.?

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What are the negative impacts about immigration?

Immigration has no negative impacts. It is a very good thing. Illegal immigration is the problem.

Are Republicans against immigration?

Republicans have nothing against legal immigration. They don't like illegal immigration.

What would be the most likely effect on latin American countries if the US were to effectivley limit both legal and illegal immigration from those countries?

Unemployment in those countries would increase.

Where can an illegal immigrant get a marriage lisensce?

They can get married in the US or their home country. They still have to leave the country before immigration proceedings can take affect.

What history led to Illegal immigration?

CauSe iT cAn

What are some words that deal with immigration?


What are the penalties for illegal immigration to China?


When was Mexican immigration made illegal?


Does the constitution say anything about illegal immigration?


Can you get unemployment if you were fired for doing something illegal?

No you can not.........

Is it illegal to file a friend's unemployment for them in Wisconsin?


Is illegal immigration is a controversial issue in the United States because of the large number of illegal immigrants living here an implied power?

Yes, illegal immigration is a controversial issue in the United States

Why are the presidential candidates talking about immigration?

Because for many US citizens immigration and illegal immigration are hot issues right now.