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The Correct mixture would be 14:7 to 1 (one) By using an Exhaust gas Analizer is how this would be deternined.

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Q: How does one determine the correct mixture of air and petrol in your carburetor?
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Is petrol a mixture or compound?

Petrol is a mixture of hydrocarbons. It is used as a fuel.

Is petrol vapourised before it is used in the internal combustion engine?

YES AND NO AS WELL The main disadvantage of carburetor is vapur lock in hot ambient temperatures petrol do form the homgeneous mixture with air but not always some tiems it goes in form of liqid also in cylinder the systems like mpfi replaced the carburetor and they inject the liquid petrol inside the cylinder

Why does petrol stay as a mixture after fractional distillation?

After fractional distillation petrol is not a mixture.

Is petrol mixture or compound?

It is a mixture.

Chemical formula forpetrol?

Petrol is a mixture of various hydrocarbons, so its correct formula cannot be isolated

What happen when use mixture of argon gas and petrol in place of mixture of oxygen and petrol in petrol engine?

big boom, that what happen

When petrol is mixture?

Petrol contain a high number of components.

The air fuel ratio of the petrol engine is controlled by?

The air fuel ratio of the petrol engine is controlled by Carburetor

Which casting making petrol engine carburetor?

Pressure Die Casting

Is petrol a mixture?

yes, it is a mixture, because it is a mixture of a few different hydrocarbons

What kind of mixture is petrol?


Is kerosene and petrol a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture?

It is a homogeneous mixture.

Is petrol a compound an element or mixture?

Petrol, or gasoline, is a mixture. This vehicle fuel is composed of a number of different hydrocarbons that were derived from petroleum.

What is the chemical formula for petrol?

petrol is a it has no exact chemical formula

Where is carburetor found in car?

The carburetor is normally found just above the engine, it controls the petrol and air mix prior to combustion. Fuel injected and diesel engines do not need a carburetor.

What is the correct abbreviation for PETROL?

Petrol is an abbreviation, of petroleum spirit.

Why does petrol pour out the plug hole on my lawn mower?

Carburetor float is stuck open.

Lawnmower does not restart after it has been running. It starts after it sits and cools off for an hour or so?

Im guessing this is a petrol lawnmower. sounds like the float is not set at the correct level in the carburetor

Is petrol a mixture of alkanes and alkenes?

yes it is

Molecular weight of petrol?

Petrol is an extremely complex mixture of organic compounds; each compound has his molecular weight. A molecular weight for a mixture is a nonsense.

What is petrol on the periodic table?

Petrol is not on the periodic table because it is a mixture of compounds, and compounds are not on the table.

Is petrol homogeneous or hetrogeneous?

Petrol is a homogeneous mixture of various hydrocarbons (mostly octane, C8H18.)

Why is carburetor used in petrol engine but not in diesel engine?

a petrol engine needs to mix its air and fuel before passing it into the combustion chamber before being ignited diesel has its air mixture heated as the piston compresses it in the combustion chamber then the atomized diesel fuel is injected into the hot air and is ignited.

Is petrol and water mixture is homogeneous or heterogeneous?


What is the theoretical mixture of air and petrol is?