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To state the obvious, make sure the brightness is turned up. This is usually a function key on the keyboard (the icon is probably shaped like a sun). If this doesn't accomplish anything, then the backlight on the LCD may be damaged, or else there could be a problem with the inverter. (I had a very similar problem myself: the screen would appear incredibly dark when I turned it on/woke it up, and then openning and shutting it a bit or jiggling sometimes helped, at least for a while - this is NOT a solution, it's merely a quick fix, and it only works so many times.) The inverter is more likely to be the cause: the backlight is a CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) and such last longer than the inverter. You can purchase an inverter or backlight relatively cheaply on the internet - I would recommend checking the related links I've provided, they have more information on the possible problems and fixes, as well as instructions on how to replace the inverter or backlight.


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2011-10-20 16:59:03
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Q: How does one fix a laptop screen that is so dark that one can only just barely see boxes and icons by looking closely in just the right light?
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