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I put an aftermarket one on mine a while back but this is only good for 93-98...if yours is newer it may be different. If i remember right to take it off you have to open the rear hatch and take off that plastic strip on the top part of the bumper that should just pop up with a screwdriver...maybe a screw or two. Then go around the rest of the plastic part of the bumper looking where it is held on which again should be nothing but plastic clips that will pull off. Once that is off you can get to the metal underneath that should just be a few bolts holding it on. I cant really remember how the rest came off...some help i am. I've never put one back on but if you dont break the clips it should just pop back on.

The removal process is made very easy by purchasing an inexpensive door panel removal tool. Use this tool to remove the plastic snap rivets from the bottom and top of the bumper cover and inside wheel well coverings as needed. A 10mm deep socket is used to remove two nuts on the inside of each rear fender. Use a torx head driver to remove the fasteners just inside the left and right side of the tailgate. Once these fasteners are removed, carefully pull the rear corner panels away from the body. They are held in place by two plastic horizontal V clips so a popping noise is normal. The bumper cover is now free to be pulled off

The 10mm screws are accessed by removing the rear of the inner fender well covers held in place by two plastic push pins.

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Q: How does one remove and install the rear bumper of a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?
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