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How does one rest the check engine lite without going to the dealer or disconnecting the battery which might create other problems. Is there an in-line power disconnect wire instead?


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just go to a part store like schucks and have them read the trouble codes and erase the check engine light by their OBD code reader which they give it out for free and even help you use it if you have no idea how to.

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The easiest way to reset a service lamp on any vehicle is to disconnect both battery terminals first. Run a wire across both battery terminals and leave attached for at least a couple of hours. Detach the wire and reconnect the battery terminals. Your service light should now be out. Make sure that you do not run the wire across the positive and negative terminals of the battery. Make sure you disconnect both terminals and run the wire across the cables and not the actual battery terminals. If your service engine light is on it means your computer is registering a code. Make sure you take your car to have it diagnosed properly instead of resetting the light. It may be a serious code that could cause problems in the future.

Check earth connection. Sometimes if wires aren't connected right, running the car will discharge the battery instead of charging it... ----------------------------------------- Check for a current draw by disconnecting the negative cable at the battery and hook a test light between the cable and the battery. Remove fuses until the light goes out. While doing so remember to depress the door jam switch as it will show a current draw.

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