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Plants need food to grow as human do. Plants need salts to grow, and plants use salts for their food.

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Q: How does salt and fertilizer effect plant growth?
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What is the independent the effect of salt water on plant growth?

Salt water provides physiological stress to the plant

What is the effect of salt on brassica rapa?

Brassica rapa is a type of plant that has yellow flowers. The effect of salt on it is that it inhibited growth.

Does a type of salt effect plant growth?

Well I use Morton Salt for my science fair project and my plant is not dieing, it is just getting smaller!

Will salt have the most effect on plant growth?

The effect that salt has on plants is that it doesn't stimulate the growth cycle. Controlled (pure water) on the other hand makes plants grow faster than watering it with salt water.

How does salt effect bean sprout growth?

it really depends on how much salt is used ... but the salt actually stuns it's growth .. and if too much salt is put on the plant it will die very quick

What effects on plant growth using salt water?

the effect saltwater has on most plants is that a bellend will grow out of the plants.

Does salt have an affect on plant growth?


How much salt in salt water will effect plant growth?

The amount varies depending on the plant species. Some have a higher tolerance. To help determine levels for individual plants, see the Related Link below.

What affect does salt water have on plant growth?

Slow down growth

Does road salt affect radish plant growth?

Yes. Any salt will adversely affect the growth of a radish.

What plant does salt water effect?

piepoop plant its real

Can salt effect the grouth of a plant?