How does someone know if a sex change operation is the right thing for them?

This is a very complicated decision, and not one to be made lightly, nor is it one that has a black and white answer. You need to seek psychological counseling, medical evaluations, and do a lot of deep soul searching.

Some feel ''you are what God made you'', and don't believe you should ever change your gender, that only God has the right to determine a person's sex. And many of the people who feel that way are also many of those who are anti- gay/lesbian, too.

But there are people who are miserable with their current gender and truly feel they have no choice if they are to ever be happy. So if you believe a sex change is the right thing for you, then it is your life, and your decision. Just please, don't make that decision lightly.

Seek out support groups for those who have undergone this procedure and talk to them, and listen to them, too. A psychologist can help you find a good support group, and can also help you work through the issues and reasons behind why you may feel this is the way for you to go.