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How does someone who is incarcerated file for divorce?

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Is there a Law Library available to you? If so, the librarian can assist you. If no Law Library is available get a phone book (if you can) and go the attorney section and try to find a public defender-type attorney. If you can't get a phone book and you're writing someone in free world ask them to find a couple of addresses for you to write to. Sometimes you can even talk to the officers that work at your facility and they MIGHT help're probably taking a chance there, but you never know. Don't try to establish an inappropriate relationship--waayyyy wrong idea. But there might be a boss or two that could give you some direction. * All state and federal prison system have contracted legal counsel usually referred to as Prisoner Legal Services. A divorce package can be obtained through this service. Ask the cell block supervisor, the chaplain or whomever is in charge of prisoner communications for the contact information. Incarcerated persons do not qualify for public defenders when it pertains to civil matters.

2006-08-12 23:37:37
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Q: How does someone who is incarcerated file for divorce?
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How does an inmate get a divorce while in prison?

Contact an attorney and file for divorce, just as you would if not incarcerated.

Can an inmate in Texas file for a divorce while being incarcerated when his wife lives in another state?

Can an inmate in Texas file for a divorce and do the work himself while being incarcerated when his wife lives in another state?

Can you file for divorce for free in Louisiana if your spouse is incarcerated?

If you file , the filing fee is based on your income. If you are broke, you can file for a fee waiver.

Can you divorce someone who is locked up?

Yes you can. The process is different because one individual is incarcerated and would not be able to attend the court precedings. You can send the divorce papers to them through the mail yourself or have it sent through a lawyers office as legal mail. The incarcerated individual would then sign the papers and send them back so that your can file the papers with the court and get your divorce.

How does an inmate file for divorce while incarcerated?

You file for divorce in prison the same way you would file if you were not in prison. The main problem you have is availability of resources. Get a good friend to mail you everything you need. I would recommend a divorce kit from your local Office Max or Office Depot.

If someone was married in Maryland and they want a divorce but spouse lives in lousinana what state do you file for the divorce?

If you want a divorce, you file for a divorce in the state where you are a resident.

Can you get a divorce while incarcerated?

You can do it.

Can you file a divorce for someone if you have power of attorney?


Can an incarcerated spouse contese terms of divorce?

Noo it will ot be possible for him to , as he is a incarcerated spouse, he will not be able to contese the terms of the divorce case.

Can you file a lawsuit against someone who had an affair?

Nope ... best you can do is file for divorce.

How do you divorce a spouse who is in prison?

By using the same procedures as anyone else wishing to divorce as prescribed by the laws of the state in which you reside. There are not different laws pertaining to divorcing someone who is incarcerated as compared to someone who is not.

Can you get a divorce for free from incarcerated spouse?

If your spouse is incarcerated in an Alabama prison and sentenced to more than a year and a day,can you get a divorce for free or for a dollar?

Can a person get a divorce if both parties are incarcerated?

Yes, a person can get a divorce if both parties are incarcerated. One of the parties will have to hire an attorney to get the proceedings started.

If someone lives in Florida and they wish to divorce someone who lives in Tennessee where should they file?

You can file in either state. This allows for forum shopping, so file in whichever state has the most favorable divorce laws.

How do you file for divorce from an Ohio inmate?

The procedure to file a divorce is the same for all residents of Ohio including those that are inmates. The inmate will need to have someone file the paperwork for them.

Your boyfriend is in a Florida prison will prison officials help him get a divorce?

No. An inmate does not have special privileges concerning civil matters such as a divorce. He will have to file a dissolution petition under the laws of the state in which he was a resident before he was incarcerated.

Can you get a divorce for free from incarcerated spouse in Texas?

no you can't

How do you file for a divorce if your spouse is incarcerated in a Florida state prison?

The procedure is the same as if the person were not imprisoned. The petitioning spouse files in the court of venue in the county where he or she is a resident.

Where can someone file divorce papers online?

There are a few different places that one can file divorce papers online. Some of the websites where one could learn more about how to file divorce papers online and to process divorce papers online are Complete Case and e-Divorce Papers. There are also local state websites available to help file divorce papers for certain states.

Can you file criminal charges against someone if you are incarcerated?

no you are an idiot. You should be shot and sent to gitmo. Why are you using internet if you are in prison.

How do you divorce an incarcerated spouse?

The procedure is the same as if the person were not in confinement. File the proper documents in the state court of venue where you reside, and he will be served notice in accordance with the laws of that state.

How does an incarcerated spouse in Ohio file for divorce with his wife in Chicago Il?

Hire an attorney in Chicago Illinois to file the divorce petition for you. The attorney would have to either be your "voice" in court or (if permitted) have you delivered to the court for the proceeding. But the latter is doubtful; the attorney would more likely stand in for you at the proceeding.

Your husband has been incarcerated for about a year and you want a divorce can you get divorced for free?

No, you must file for divorce the same as if he were not incarcerated and pay the same amount of court fees and other legal costs. There are organizations that assist people who are on limited income and need legal representation. Try contacting the local women's shelter/help association for information.

How do you file for divorce when your spouse has been incarcerated for 9 years after which he was deported and now his whereabouts are unknown?

Get a temporary mail drop in Las Vegas Nevada. Pay 125.00 File last known address Youre done!

How do you file for at divorce?

You file for divorce by filing for separation first. Then, after a set amount of time that varies by the state, you can file for divorce or serve divorce papers.