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I'm not entirely sure if this will answer your question exactly, but its a good start. A computer is a great thing for a student to have, mainly because of word processing (Microsoft Word). Students can take notes in classes easier without any issues due to handwriting, sumdging, or cramping. Students can also make easy to make, easy to present, and easy to view (in other words visually appealing) presentations (Powerpoint), which are a great alternative to posters or speeches. Other programs allow for easy data organization (Excel). As technology is more and more incorporated into education, books will have special activities or quizzes online, or teachers will demand typed work. Some classes (mainly in college, however, some high schools are beginning to integrate online quizzes and materials into classes) take place entirely online. Today, a computer does not just help a student... it is essential to one.

Aparently it helps the student to do its homework.

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Computer is of great help for the student , there are several ebooks available from the internet . so you can use these . there are several videos available on the internet regarding the studies .

As well as the answers given already, computers allow you to network with the whole world, that's a wealth of information 2much kuz...... ngata suks

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I don't no?

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Q: How does the computer help the student?
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What IT invention help student in their homework and activities?

A computer!

Why Computer is important to the student?

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What technology can help students in studies and make them effecient?

having a personal computer for each student

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How can a school catalog help a student?

It can help by providing the information needed by the student.

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I help a strong student by cheering him/her or giving high tasks done before.

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The National Student Loan Data System or NSLDS is a government agency that can help people facing student loan debts. Federal Student Aid can also help.

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You can find computer software help in the help and support section of your personal computer. You can also find computer software help at Computer Hope and Remote Techy while on your computer.

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The best laptop computer for a college student is an Apple. Apples are easy to move around from class to class. They have every program on the laptop that a college student would need.

How do you use the computer in school?

the computer is used for student can have to search or look up things

List some Functions of a computer teacher in a basic computer school?

Computer teachers primary job is to take computer theory class and practical sessions as well. Apart from this they can help other teaching staff to understand use of computer to facilitate their teaching in other subjects. Preparing Question papers and evaluating the same. analysing student performance. Conduct sessions to help school kids to understant future of computers and how it will and may help humans in future.

How can technology will help the student?

A student can use the Internet to research information.

What do you think is the most useful machine for a student?

The computer.

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Computer hope and computer help both are websites where you can get help with your computer online. Myphonesupport is another site similar to the mentioned.

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