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comp dont run it, it is a sensor in rad or by thermostat

2006-08-13 05:29:36
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What does computer literate mean?

Computer literate means one knows how to operate a computer on a basic level. They understand the basic skills needed to make the computer work.

What does it mean to be computer competent?

computer competent means a person who knows very well about usage of computer and also know how to operate its programs frequently. In short, a person who is competent and have skills about computer usage.

How do you operate an oven?

What kind of question is that! Nobody knows how to "operate an oven!" gosh!

How do search engines operate?

nobody knows

What is a good personification for the radiator?

who the knows no one knows unlike me but you gotta find this question out your self

Can gravity be measure?

Yes, if one knows how to operate a bathroom scale.

What do you call a person who knows everything about a computer?

you call them a computer tech

Which is wiser human or computer?

A computer only knows what a human has programmed into it.

Where is call of duty modern warfare 2 located on your computer?

who knows, wherever you installed it - but to find it you can press start. then press search and enter "modern"

Computer knows only addition than how computer performs substraction?

Binary system only knows addition than how can it perform substraction

Where are lost asteroids located?

If they are lost then no one knows where they are located.

What do you call a person who knows how to use computer?

You say the person is "computer literate".

Can a computer think?

No, a computer can not think. Everything a computer "knows" is programmed into the computer with high-tech softwere or other materials.

What is repetitive tasks in computer?

Kaka knows this answer

What is a computer junkie?

A person who knows everything about the computer & can't go a day without the computer. 24/7 computer geek. (;

Does Ben 10 know how to use a computer?

Of Course He knows how to use a computer!!! my 8 year old cousin can use a computer _____________________________________________________________________ just like the other one said HE KNOWS HOW TO USE A COMPUTER! my sister is like 7 years old and can use computer!

Does computer know your copying folders?

Yes, your computer knows what your doing. Your computer does keep certain logs of your activity.

Differentiate the computer literacy from computer competency?

These terms are similar, and generally go hand in hand. Computer literacy means that a person knows the computer terminology. A person who is computer literate knows how to use terms such as cursor, minimize, task bar, RAM, etc. A person who is computer competent is someone who knows very well how to use a computer. People who are computer competent know how to do most basic tasks on a computer; like installing and uninstalling programs, changing settings, etc.

What is the difference between computer literate and computer literate?

Computer literate = someone that knows how to use a computerComputer illiterate = someone that does notknow haw to use a computer.

How do you fix a crashed computer?

what you have to do is ask someone who knows how to do it

When was the first computer invention completed?

No one knows

What is the contribution of computer science to society?

no one knows

Who is the inventor of Fourth generation computer?

god knows

Who would win Harry Potter with a lightsaber or Darth Vader with a wand?

i think it would be a draw.As harry does not knows how to operate alightsaber and Darth Vader does not knows how to operate a wand. But if i had to choose 1 i would choose harry as using a lightsaber is easy compared to a wand.

Are countertop grills safe to operate?

Countertop grills can be a safe product to operate as long as the operator knows the product and knows how to use the product correctly, reading the manual and doing some research on the product is the best way to know you are using the product correctly and safely.