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Based from my knowledge, Chinese religion such as Buddhism excercises peace, belonging, and love, along with acceptance. Christians and Muslims for example believes that everyone should worship the same God. Some Christians believe they're not being a good Christian if they don't do something about your disbelief or let's say your other views on life. Before I go too far into it, let's just say monotheistic (worship of one God) isn't as tolerate as polytheism(worship of several Gods). I'm sorry if I didn't exactly answer or get to the point of your question, but this is based of my knowledge. I should remember this from World History. Please feel welcome to make any changes, anyone :)

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Q: How does the different Chinese religions live together in harmony?
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Singapore is a multi racial country. we have many different religions. to mantain peace and harmony in Singapore,we must have racial harmony day. we should respect other religions beliefs and not laugh at them.If people laugh at your religion belief , you could also laugh at his as they are not scientific . when we have racial harmony day , we are actually mantaining peace and harmony between the different religions. without racial harmony day, we might have war every single day. So RACIAL HARMONY DAY IS IMPORTANT.

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Chinese symbol for Harmony?


What was ancient china's religion about?

Most of the ancient Chinese religions were based on philosophical ideas, such as the idea of harmony existing in nature (ex. every Yin to its Yang)

What is the Chinese symbol for 'harmony'?


What is a synonym for 'harmony'?

Living together in harmony (Peace).

How does religion of Chinese affects their lives?

The religion of the Chinese affects their lives by helping to build a society with harmony. The government allows for some freedom of religion and the rising ethnic religions have contributed to the building of temples and statues in the communities.

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The English word "harmony" has several versions when written with the Chinese alphabet. However, when written with the English alphabet it translates as "hexie".

How do you write harmony day in Chinese?

Harmony day in China is called "操你妈"

Chinese views of nature emphasized?

harmony and balance

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