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Based from my knowledge, Chinese religion such as Buddhism excercises peace, belonging, and love, along with acceptance. Christians and Muslims for example believes that everyone should worship the same God. Some Christians believe they're not being a good Christian if they don't do something about your disbelief or let's say your other views on life. Before I go too far into it, let's just say monotheistic (worship of one God) isn't as tolerate as polytheism(worship of several Gods). I'm sorry if I didn't exactly answer or get to the point of your question, but this is based of my knowledge. I should remember this from World History. Please feel welcome to make any changes, anyone :)

2011-10-25 00:09:24
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Why is there racial harmony day?

Singapore is a multi racial country. we have many different religions. to mantain peace and harmony in Singapore,we must have racial harmony day. we should respect other religions beliefs and not laugh at them.If people laugh at your religion belief , you could also laugh at his as they are not scientific . when we have racial harmony day , we are actually mantaining peace and harmony between the different religions. without racial harmony day, we might have war every single day. So RACIAL HARMONY DAY IS IMPORTANT.

What is the Chinese symbol for 'harmony'?


How can there be harmony if no individual is the same?

Harmony is a combination of different notes. So, with all people being different but joining together in common interest, there should be harmony. It doesn't mean that everyone has to be a clone or has limited choices. It just means that we have to practice sharing and respecting one another. My opinion is that political correctness or requirements for certain religions over another disturbs the peace and harmony while the ability to speak a language in common builds harmony.

What is the meaning of harmony in musical terms?

Harmony is how different notes sound when they are played together for example, chords are a form of harmony played on a single instrument.

Chinese symbol for Harmony?


What is a synonym for 'harmony'?

Living together in harmony (Peace).

What was ancient china's religion about?

Most of the ancient Chinese religions were based on philosophical ideas, such as the idea of harmony existing in nature (ex. every Yin to its Yang)

What is harmony in music?

The Harmony is the relation between different notes. If the notes are played together, the gap between them is called a harmonic interval, if they are played one after the other it is a melodic interval. Different intervals have different character within Different Keys.Harmony in the broader sense also is the use of Keys and modulating between them.The essence of harmony is the chord.

How does religion of Chinese affects their lives?

The religion of the Chinese affects their lives by helping to build a society with harmony. The government allows for some freedom of religion and the rising ethnic religions have contributed to the building of temples and statues in the communities.

What animals live in harmony?

Tigers and Cakakeets live in harmony together, forever, and ever and ever and ever. They have beautiful singing voices that come together to form great harmony, harmony, harmony.

How do you say Harmony in Chinese?

The English word "harmony" has several versions when written with the Chinese alphabet. However, when written with the English alphabet it translates as "hexie".

How do you write harmony day in Chinese?

Harmony day in China is called "操你妈"

Chinese views of nature emphasized?

harmony and balance

What is meant by social harmony?

Social harmony is a term that refers to essentially, people getting along and working together. Just like harmony in music working together.

What does Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo mean It is Chinese?

It's Mandarin, it means: word for word.... zhong hua rennin gong he guo Middle Beautiful (or Flowery) People's Together (or with) Harmony (or Peace) Country. So perhaps as a sentence? "The Middle Beautiful Country of the People Together in Harmony".

What ancient Chinese religon taught people how to live in harmony with nature?

The ancient Chinese religon taught people how to live in harmony with nature is Taoism. It is sometimes spelled as Daoism

How is melody different from harmony?

Melody is certainly different from harmony. Harmony is usually the notes played a third above or below the obvious melody.

How do you use multiculturism in a sentence?

Canada is a great example of multiculturalism. Different cultures live together with harmony and respect.

What are the characteristics of Singaporeans?

Each race in Singapore has their own language, behaviour and land. for example: A Chinese speak Chinese, like to pray and have China Town as their own land. In the past, different races have their own lands to prevent any conflict or quarrel from happening. By doing this, people would have harmony living together.

Why is it important for religions to work together?

A:Whether religions should work together depends on the priorities of those religions. If their priorities are to win converts and retain adherents at all costs, they will rarely work together in good faith. If their priorities are for the welfare of people and the good of the world we live on, they may well take tentative steps towards working together in genuine harmony. As the major religions of the world are some of the most powerful institutions that exist, they can be a force for good if they do choose to work together, solving problems of poverty, intolerance, injustice and war. After all, many of these problems had their roots in religion.

What is harmony in religions?

People who study different religions are aware that all of the world's major religions teach the same basic truths. Among these is what Christianity calls the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule ("Do unto others...") first appears in the Hindu scriptures, which precede Christianity by approx. 6000 years.

What Chinese name means harmony?

Chinese names are just a mixture of 3 words, or 2 and 4, with each word describing different characteristics the parent wants for the child. Harmony and Peace is Wor Ping or He Ping, (和平) so any name with either 和 or 平 can mean peace.

What is the Chinese philosophy that empahasizes harmony between the individual and nature?


What Chinese philosopher taught people how to live in harmony with nature?


What do you mean by international understanding and solidarity?

It is said in reference to harmony among different countries and religions present globally. It's like living with the sense of brotherhood with international community.