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How does the executive branch influence the judicial branch?

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The executive branch appoints judges

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What are the branches of government?

legislative branchexecutive branchjudicial branchthere is the judicial,legislative,and executive.

How can the executive branch affect the performance of the judicial branch?

The Executive Branch can affect the performance of the Judicial Branch because each judge appointed to the Judicial Branch is put there by the Executive Branch.

What is the head of the Executive and the Judicial Branch?

Executive Branch = US President ~ Judicial Branch = The Supreme Court

How can the judicial branch challenge the powers of the legislative and executive branch?

The Judicial branch has what is known as Judicial Review, which means the Judicial Branch may invalidate laws made by the Legislative branch and executive orders made by the Executive branch that it determines is unconstitutional.

How does the juditial branch check the executive branch?

The Judicial Branch checks the executive branch by making the decisions on the interpretation of laws. The Judicial Branch can override the views of the executive.

A power that the executive branch holds over the judicial?

A power that the executive branch has over the judicial is that the executive branch appoints the Federal judges.

What are the 3 branches of our government?

-legislative branch-Executive branch-Judicial branchExecutive branch, Legislative branch, & House of representatives judicial branch

How are the judicial branch and the executive branch connected?

The two branches are connected because the executive branch sends laws to the judicial branch

What are 4 simple things that the judicial and the executive branch can do?

The judicial branch can interpret laws, the executive branch enforces them. Also the executive branch can veto bills given to him/her by Congress, the judicial branch can declare things "unconstitutional."

What power does the executive branch have over the judicial branch and where can this be found in the constitution?

In the Judicial Branch, it states that the Executive will appoint the Justices.

How does the executive branch influence congress?

The executive branch implement and enforces laws. They use judicial review, suggest laws, and control all of the spending money.

What are the three branches of the Bangladesh government?

Executive branch: Legislative branch: Judicial branch: ....thank you... Executive branch: Legislative branch: Judicial branch: ....thank you...

Who is in the judicial branch and the executive branch?

Judicial: federal judges Executive: President, Vice President, his cabinet...

Which branch oversees the judicial branch?

the executive branch

Who leads the executive and judicial branch?

The executive branch is led by the President. The judicial branch is headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Who is apart of the judicial branch?

Executive branch

What can the judicial branch do for the executive branch?


Does the Judicial Court head the Executive Branch?

No. In the United States, the President is head of the Executive branch; the Supreme Court is head of the Judicial branch. There is no such thing as "the judicial court."

What is one way that the judicial branch can overrule the executive branch?

The judicial branch of government can overrule the executive branch of government. The overruling of an executive order can be done in the supreme court system.

What are the three branches of the U.S. government?

The Executive Branch;The Legislative Branch;The Judicial Branch.Legislative Executive Judicial1.Legislative branch - (i.e. Congress).2.Executive branch (i.e. The President).3.Judicial branch (i.e. The Supreme Court).

What are the first three articles of the constitution?

Legislative (describes the legislative branch)Judicial (describes the judicial branch)Executive (describes the executive branch)

How does the executive branch check the judicial and legislative branches?

The Executive branch checks the legislature by vetoing legislation it di disagrees with. It checks the judicial branch by being the only authority by which the judicial branch can enforce judicial decisions.

What branch does the judicial branch check?

The Judicial Branch checks both the Legislative and the Executive Branches.

What are the symbols of the executive branch?

What are the symbols for the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative Branch of government?

Are police part of the executive or judicial branch of government?

Part of the Executive Branch.