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The gravity is the same regardless of flooring type. The bouncyness of the floor depends on the floor material and this is what affects how high the ball will bounce. For example, carpet will absorb energy and ball will not bounce as high as on concrete or a sprung wood floor, which do not take a lot of energy from the bounce. If it touches pie, it explodes. Thus, causing a nuclear explosion in the earths core.


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the air pressure is different where if the gravity substances were to change it will be normal

Yes. That's why there are women & men's basketballs.

yes! different basketballs affect your shoot because of the texture,brand,and how much air the ball has.sometimes it has to do witht the weather like if it rains or snows then the rim will be wet or frozen.

Gravity does affect weight on different planets. This is because the gravitational "pull" at the planet's surfaceis usually different for each planet.On Earth you may weigh say80 lbs, while on Jupiter youwould weigh about200 lbs.

gravity is something that can affect the planets.

Gravity does not affect distance, gravity has nothing to do with distance. However, the effect of gravity decreases with increase in separation.

Does mars' gravity affect other objects. yes it does but the gravity is 38% of the earths gravity and if doesn't affect objects then it will have no moon.

gravity pushes and pulls so it keeps it straight! answered by a 5th grader

Depending on the greater or less the mass is gravity's affect on the object is not applicable as gravity is a never ending motion which does nothing but keep objects intact on planets.

Does gravity affect a person's height and why?

Gravity is a function of mass and distance. So, no air pressure does not affect gravity.

gravity affects everything.

Center of Garvity Line of Gravity Base of Gravity Affect body mechanics

No, Earth's gravity would not affect Pluto. However, the suns gravity does.

The law doesn't affect gravity; it describes it.

Gravity affects weight, it does not affect mass.

skateboarding does not affect gravity gravity affects skateboarding. Many defying gravity move is just a trick earn from hard practice.

The greater the mass, the stronger the gravity, but the distance does not affect the amount of gravity.

yes it does but the gravity is 38% of the earths gravity and if doesn't affect objects then it will have no moon

in many different ways... ... but im not telling what :)

The higher the height the bigger the radius will be, due to gravity

It doesn't work like that. Gravity affects MASSES.

yes!.... it will affect a soccer ball when it falls because if the gravity affects you, it will affect a ball.

No, density is not affected by gravity. Density is the ratio of an object's mass to its volume. Neither mass or volume is affected by gravity, so gravity does not affect density.

Yes. Many forces can affect atoms, and gravity is one of the weak ones.

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