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You have to read the warranty, It all depends on the wording of the Warranty document, the scope of coverage and the term of that warranty.

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Q: How does the homeowner warranty apply to plumbing leak that was discovered 6 years after home purchased?
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Will homeowner insurance reimburse you for a newly purchased generator?

No. Homeowners insurance does not warranty household appliances and equipment or maintenance costs.

Should homeowners warranties be reviewed by a lawyer?

A homeowner warranty does not have to be reviewed by a lawyer. The warranties are pretty straightforward and the average homeowner can understand them.

What kind of warranty should a prospective homeowner ask new home builders to provide?

A new homeowner should ask a builder for a warranty that covers free repair to workmanship of the home for at least a year. You should look for a longer warranty for items such as the roof and furnace.

How often should I replace plumbing tools?

Plumbing tools should be replaced as needed,most quality tools carry a lifetime warranty.

Can new Homeowner file a claim against General Contractor Liability Insurance for work done for previous home ownwer that caused property damaged recently discovered by new owner of the house?

No. You, (The new owner) was not a party to the contract between the previous homeowner and the trade contractor. The contractor has no obligation to a subsequent owner with whom he did not contract or make warranty. It's no different than when you buy a used car. You would have no recourse for work you might consider substandard against a mechanic that did repairs for the previous owner because you did not own the property at that time and were not a party to the repair agreement. Hopefully you purchased a home warranty through your realtor when you purchased the home they are very inexpensive. Your recourse would be to file a claim on the home warranty offered to you when you made your home purchase.

What kind of warranty is available for a used Lexus IS200?

The warranty on the vehicle depends on where the vehicle is purchased from. If it is purchased from the previous owner, they will likely not offer any warranty at all. If it is purchased from a used car dealership, the warranty would depend on the dealership's evaluation of the quality of the car after it's initial owner sold it.

Is the warranty for the 2009 Mercedes E320 still valid in 2011?

It all depends on the warranty you purchased when you purchased your vehicle. Most standard warranties are three years, so in that case, your warranty would be valid.

What is the warranty for Task Force tools?

Lifetime Warranty. Just return the purchased item with the receipt to the place you purchased it and theyll replace it for you or give you your money back.

What is a warranty date code on a phone?

The "warranty date code" is the date that the phone was activated/purchased.

Will the new warranty guarantee Obama announced apply to your recently purchased extended warranty from Chrysler?


Is there a warranty on roofing shingles?

You need to get a copy of the warranty from the business where the shingles were purchased. With shingles you usually get what you paid for.

Do refurbished electronics usually come with a warranty?

Not all refurbished electronics come with a warranty. Although, most refurbished products do have a warranty. Sometimes a warranty may be purchased with the product.

If i didn't buy a Xbox360 can i still sent it in for repairs if it has the 3 rings?

When your console was originally purchased they scanned the serial number. Unless there was an extended warranty purchased you only have a year of warranty through microsoft. Without the warranty you will have to pay for the repairs.

Can an installation CD purchased for Dell be installed on an out of warranty Gateway?


2006 Chevrolet Impala warranty?

Warranty will vary from dealer to dealer. If you purchased your impala new, GMac will give you a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty. -Shocker

You are buying a 4 year old used car Are you entitled to the remaining factory warranty?

The car will maintain its factory warranty from the date is originally purchased. If you need to know that date take the vin # to the service department of your local dealer for the make you are purchasing and they can tell you what the date and/or mileage is for the remainder of the warranty. F.Y.I a 36,000 mile warranty goes for 36,000 miles from the miles on the car when it was purchased new. If it had 1,100 miles on the car when purchased your warranty will go to 37,100 miles

What tv brand comes with the best warranty?

Most warranties that comes with TV are purchased from the actual store, not the TV brand. For example, our TV is a Panasonic Plasma TV, but our warranty is with hhgregg because that is where we purchased it.

Is the warranty on a used Peterbilt good?

The coverage is only provided within a certain amount of time after the truck was purchased. After the truck was purchased the warranty lasts two years of acquiring the truck brand new.

Do car alarms nomrally come with warranties and the offer of an extended warranty?

Yes,as with most electronics there is a warranty on a car alarm,if purchased from a dealer,an extended warranty may be available.

Viking range extended warranty?

If you already purchased it in the past you will be unable to extend your warranty. This option is only available at point of sale.

Can you please suggest some companies that supply extended car warranties?

Usually an extended warranty is purchased when you buy the vehicle. There are cases where you can check with the dealership where you purchased the vehicle and see if you can purchase an additional warranty for your car.

Is there an egr valve warranty?

If you mean the original warranty from the time the car was purchased, the warranty for all emissions componets on American cars is 5 years/50,000 mles or if there is an extended warranty it might cover it for a longer period.

How long is the warranty on an Apple ipod?

An Apple iPod is covered for one year by warranty. One can also purchase an extended warranty for 2 years, but only if the extension is purchased during the time frame of the original warranty.

Does home warranty cover water damage from plumbing?

That would depend on your specific policy. Mine does not cover that, there may be some that do.

Can a manufacturer refuse warranty if an automobile is purchased outside of Canada?

Yes they can as usually will.