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How does the media influence young people?

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The media can influence young people negatively or positively with the kind of programs they broadcast. Some of which may have negative effects, while some positive effects. Ugben, Blessing A. C.R.s

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The influence of popular music on young people?

the influence of poplular musice on young people

How does the media influence politics?

The media influences the public's perception of politics and political figures. This in turn can influence how people vote in elections.

How do the media influence people personal life choices?

The media can (and often will) sensationalize and exaggerate stories to influence your opinion and decisions on life issues.

Who is to blame for letting media influence to young people parents or schools?

Yes, the media has a disproportinate influence on young people today. There are many reasons for that. But the main reason has to do with parenting. Working parents, single parents, absent fathers, leave young people searching for meaning in the media. Television, the Internet and too many choices offer lifestyles that for many young people are a dead end. The influence of schools is limited. "Student's rights" are limiting a teacher's control of behavior. There is just so much schools can do. Meyer's book on "Marriages, Shack-ups and Other Disasters," discusses the problem of the lack of parental influence and the dilemma of "Choice Pollution." A ground breaking book on today's social ills is also Gigerenzer's "Thinking: Rationality in the Real World."

What is the influence of fashion on teens?

i am a teen my self and our influence it the media and other people around us

Introduction on the influence of media and friends on an individual lifestyle choices?

The introduction on the influence of the media and friends an the individual lifestyle choices help people be good citizens.

What is the role of media to the young people?

eating chicken

Media influence on society?

Media has a strong influence on society. Media is important to the economy because companies can market themselves. Media is important to keep people informed on the world around them by sharing news and events. Social media is important because people are able to stay connected and communicate with other people in just about any given location of the world.

The influence of popular culture on young people?

Popular culture has a huge influence on young people. It influences the type of clothes they wear, the music they listen to, and their behavior.

What is the influence of media on society?

Media influences people\'s opinions and purchases. People are likely to have similar opinions to their favorite news anchor.

How do you stop the influence on youth by the media?

You don't its impossible, people especially of young age tend to be extremely influenced by anything due to lack of the ability to think and act on their own :/.

How does the media influence policy making?

The media has an enormous influence over the public agenda by selecting what issues to focus on (the controversial issues). The media defines the most controversial topics and thereby determining the political priorities of the public. i.e. the media tells the people what to focus on. The media is also a watchdog by forcing the government to reluctantly answer the people.

Can TV influence people and especially the young?


Some people thought Elvis was a bad influence on young people?


Which factor does not limit the influence of the media?

most people get their news from television. Most people get their news from television

How does music influence young people?

It all has to do with the message it holds.

What influence does the media have on the perceptions teens have about dating?

I think that since a lot of people show videos about relationships it makes young teens want to experiment........... that's why we have so many teen pregnancies.

Why smoking is a bad influence on young people?

coz some of the people all die from it

Celebrities have tremendous influence on the young and for that reason they have a reponsibility to act as role models?

Yes they do because they influence young people they should do so cautionary and carefully..

How does mass media influence the young people?

All people really, are influenced, but mostly the young due to their lack of life experiences. It is that lack of experience which opens a door for the media influance. This can be seen in society by the act of copy-cat crimes. A person seeks a manner of acting out but does not use a method of their own chooseing they use a method that they heard about in the mass media. Without mass media this sort of thing would be far more localized. Peoples decision makeing is based on their life experience, which includes mass media, such is the term learn from your mistakes. Media also affects what is socially acceptable thus always changeing the limits that the people push.

Who does media influence?

In whatever form as soon to be described, the media influences people. In the past, there was basically one "media" that being newspapers, or even perhaps books might have been considered as media. Today we have "media" such as radio, TV, & the internet in addition to newspapers. These forms of media have a degree of influence, or try to, on how people think, will watch on TV, and whom to vote for. The news media can be found to try to directly influence peoples' minds by the news they present or news they leave out. TV, internet, newspapers, and radio run commercials on products & services to buy. They try to influence consumers. There are more examples that can be mentioned here, however, I tried to cover most of them.

How does music positively or negatively influence young people?

Music filled with violence and cursing can reinforce aggressive tendencies in young people. Moreover, music that promotes crime, and a decadent lifestyle has a negative influence on young people. Young people listening to such music will gradually approve and even engage in alcoholism, drugs, and a care-free lifestyle.Conversely, music with good and uplifting content has a positive influence on young people. Entertaining music can be used to create awareness on issues affecting the youth, and this will bring about positive behavioral change.

What is the influence of music on young people?

Music is a huge influence on young people. There is a lot going in at that age and to have music is a best friend in some ways. It can make you or break you. It plays a crucial role in your life at that age!

What most accurately explains how media labor unions and political parties influence public policy decisions?

They all influence thousands or millions of people

How does mass media influence interpersonal relationships?

Most of the influence of the mass media on interpersonal relationships is the powerful influence of advertising. Commercial messages influence how people feel about themselves and their image to others. Commercial messages influence what a person's expectations are about themselves, about others, about what their lives should be like. For most people, these expectations are usually unrealistic and for some, can be damaging to their self esteem which directly affects how they relate to others. The other influence that mass media has on interpersonal relationships is for people who believe what the media tells them concerning political or social issues; people who take the messages as truth because they are delivered with conviction and base their own belief system on these messages without further investigation or wisdom. This makes it difficult for others to relate to them.

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