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How does the mosqutio repellant work?

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Mosquito's feed on protein from the blood. They are attracted to the smell of skin and exhaled carbon dioxide. The bug spray masks the smell of the skin and carbon dioxide making you an unappealing meal.

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Does riddex pro pest repeller work?

Riddex Pro pest repellant does work in some instances, commonly on mice. The repellant doesn't work as well on roaches.

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Which mosqutio spreads malaria?

Anopheles mosquito.

What is a pupa of a mosquito called?

The pupa of mosqutio is called tumbler.

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There are many places where one can get woodpecker repellant. Local stores or the internet are good places to start looking for the right repellant one needs.

Can guyabano leaves act as insect repellant?

YES!, just add garlic and ginger for this kind of repellant

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ho does the pandan leaf show effectiveness about cockroach repellant

What is the recipe for pandan leaf roach repellant?

AnswerUsing a pandan leaf in a chalk is a useful recipe for roach repellant.

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Is malunggay effective as an alternative mosquito repellant?

Mosquitoes can be nuisance when they are around your home and in your garden. Malunggay extract is used as natural mosquito repellant.

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Whenever you are going to a beach or area that is known to have sand flies it is important that you bring protection with you.Repellant will work.

Does cactus juice insect repellant work?

From a personal use, yes it works well. From a proven scientific approach, it is the only "natural" insect repellant in the U.S. that has been lab tested and certified to work. The Carroll-Loye school at UCLA Davis has tested and published the results. The only "off FIFRA list" product known to be effective for over 4 hours.

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super scientists

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What is the best natural insect repellant for Gnats that you can use on your Face?

Vanilla extract is a very effective gnat repellant. Buy a cheap brand it works as well as an expensive brand.

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