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Bigger people are usually heavier and therefore will need alot more power to achieve equivalent speeds of smaller lighter people.

It is all to do with power to weight ratios and aerodynamics (wind resistance).

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Q: How does the size of a vehicle affect its speed?
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Does tire size change speed?

It does not change the actual speed of a vehicle but changing tire size can affect the accuracy of the speedometer.

How does tire size affect vehicle speed?

The larger the tire the faster the vehicle will go for every revolution of the wheel.

Does wheel size affect its speed?

The wheel size does affect its speed.

Does Speed Affect Braking Distance Of A Vehicle?


What are the two factors that will affect the amount of kinetic energy on the moving vehicle on the road?

-- mass of the vehicle -- speed of the vehicle

How does mass speed of vehicle affect the braking distance?

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How does aerodynamics affect the speed of the vehicle?

It affects you because you're an idiot.

How does the size of a toy car affect its speed?

It would affect its speed because the weight of the car is gonna slow it down

How does weight affect the speed of a viehicle?

A heavy vehicle can go just as fast as a light vehicle, it just takes longer and more HP to reach desired speed with a heavier vehicle.

Does changing the height of a ramp affect the speed of the car going down the ramp?

Changing the slope of the ramp will affect the speed of the vehicle going down it.

Does size affect the speed of an object?

The size and shape of the frontal cross-section of an object will affect it's speed unless it is traveling through a vacuum. This is called form drag.

How does the speed of wind affect sediment?

The higher the wind speed, the bigger the particle size.

Why do my1998 Cadillac Catera ABS and TC lights stay on and speedometer not working all once?

Depending on the Issue If you switched tires recently or went to an alt size or even veh desc was lowered it could affect all those components P225/55R16 94H the speed rating or the size could affect your veh handling or components if going out of rec tire size or speed rating will affect the vehicle

How does mass and speed affect the size of a crater?

Kinetic energy.

How does the size of the object affect the speed it falls?

Air resistance.

Will a speed sensor keep an automatic transmission from working?

Depending on the vehicle, a faulty VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) could affect the automatic transmission shift points.

Does tire size change speed of the vehicle?

Yes not only does it change the speed of the vehicle, it will also affect the odometer and the MPGs the vehicle is getting (not for the better usually). its always best the check what tire size the vehicle manufacturer recommends for your specific vehicle, the size is listed on a spec sticker on the drivers side door edge or the frame near the latch plate. you want to either match that tire size or get a tire of equal diameter - IE. total height. To see the difference yourself with your tire size change check this website out - just six steps to figure out speedometer changes and tire height differences.

What is 2 factors that affect reaction distance and braking distance?

The weight and speed of the vehicle.

What factors affect the speed of microprocessor?

There are a number of factors which affect the speed of microprocessor. Some of them include size of RAM, bus speed and type, amount of cache memory and speed of the CPU among others.

Does wheel size affect horsepower?

No. It effects the vehicles speed, and how the horsepower is used. It take more energy to move larger wheels, so the vehicle will feel less powerful and because the larger wheels take longer to roll, the vehicle will be slower.

How does the size of vehicle affect its weight?

more stuff has to be put on it to be able to support the weight

How does the size of the vehicle affect its weight?

bigger car size means increase in weight provided the same material used

How does the size of the current affect the speed of charges moving in wires?

It has no effect at all.

How fast dose 110cc go in mph?

The engine size of a vehicle is not directly relate to its speed.

How does the size of the driver affect the speed of the car?

the fatter you are, the less speed your car will max out at, but, the more weight, the more momentum