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No you will not become a Mexican citizen but you will have Mexican recidency. Your fiancee can have the option to apply for citizenship later on if she wants.

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Can an American citizen become a different citizen?

Yes, an American citizen doesnt lose that citizenship when another citizenship is gained.

Can US citizen divorce an illegal immigrant who doesnt have green card.?

If you are married, you can apply for divorce.

Is Rebecca Black Mexican?

Rebecca Black's mother is a natural born Mexican citizen. By Mexican law this makes Rebecca Black a natural born Mexican citizen by descent automatically and also an American citizen owing to her birth place and her father being an American citizen. Effectively Rebecca Black may very well be a dual national if her mother ever registered her at a Mexican consulate abroad. Though even if she wasnt registered this doesnt cut her citizenship rights and just needs to apply to get her legal papers in order. Rebecca Black's race may or may not be mixed as there are also white caucasian Mexicans.

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if you are talking about a fashion model then you can be a citizen of any country or no country it doesnt matter

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What are the Filipino immigration laws for American citizenship?

Doesnt matter where youre from you need to go through the process of naturalization in order to become a U.S. citizen. But the process can take a long time for some.

If my father just became a US citizen about two months ago and I have been here since I was about four illegaly how long now that my father is a citizen will it take for me to become a perm resident?

When someone comes over to the United States it takes you 15 years in order to be eligible to become an American citizen and on top of that you have to take course, on being an American citizen and you have to pass the test at the end of the class. the last post its completely WRONG. because it doesnt take 15 years to become an American citizen. if you have a green card it takes 5 years to apply to become a us citizen. If you join the armed forces like the army, navy, marines, airforce and coast guard it takes 6 months after you joined to apply for a us citizen paid by the government. i got my greencard in Jan 2007, joined the airforce in nov 2007 for 6 years, and in jul 2008 i became a US CITIZEN.

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