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Four feet

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Q: How far above the finished shower floor should the faucet be?
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Shower faucet height?

I usually fit them about 6" above the tub.

What is the standard height for a bathtub faucet valve?

About 26 inches above the floor if it's only a bath faucet. 30 inches if it is a shower control too.

What is the standard height for a tub faucet valve?

When installing a bathtub faucet or tub & shower divertor valve, the bathtub spout must terminate above the flood level rim of the bathtub a minimum of 2"inches.This would place the stub out for the spout approximately 6"inches above the rim of the bathtub.Now just install the faucet or divertor high enough so the trim plate will not contact the spout.12 to 15"inches above the spout should be fine.

How high above the counter top of an undermount sink should the bottom of the faucet be?

The spout opening on the faucet must be at least 1" above the flood rim of the sink which would be the top of the counter.

How far should bathroom outlets and switches be from the shower or tub?

Provided they are at least a metre above the height of any bath and not directly above it, and unreachable when in the shower, they should be safe.

How many inches should tub and shower controls be from floor?

48" for a shower and 15" above the tub for a tub.

What is the standard height for a shower faucet?

I design hotels for a living and all showerheads in new hotels are installed at 6'-8" above finish floor. That is the location of the connection at the wall. The shower head pipe will have a bend in it that usually puts the head itself and around 6'-4"

What height do you install a wall-mounted faucet above an undermount bathroom sink?

I generally mount them so the spout is about 3 inches above the sink, but a lot depends on the design of faucet.

Is the shower head to be installed in the showerstall or above it in the wall?

above it in the wall

Height of tile in shower?

I always tile to 72 inches above the shower floor.

What height should dpc be above ground level?

According to Building Control Regulations, the DPC should be a minimum of 150mm above external finished ground level.

Can shower head be installed above shower stall?

You can put it at any height. Unless there is some other reason not to, something structural, I always put them above the shower stall for taller people.

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