How far is Plant X from Earth?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Plant X is a power plant located around 4.7 miles south of Earth, Texas. See map and photo at:

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Q: How far is Plant X from Earth?
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How far is Scorpius X-1 from earth?

57 inches

What is the closest plant to mars and how far is it?

I know it's earth, but im not sure how close

How far is it to another plant like earth in light years?

So far, no "planet like Earth" has been discovered. However, our telescopes are only barely good enough to be able to detect a planet the size of Earth that far away.

How far from planet earth will planet x be at closest point?

Planet X does not exist. It was only a theory.

Is the earth a plant?

The Earth is a planet, but not a plant. But it has plants on it. In the earth.

How far away is earth from the sun is scientific notation?

The average distance from Earth to the Sun is approximately 1.496 x 10^8 kilometers.

What plant could you sustain life on and cant be earth?

If you mean another PLANET - None have been found so far.

How far the moon from the earth in million miles?

The answer is 3.9 x 10^8 meters. Or...3.9 x 10^5 kilometers.

The earth is the blank planet from the sun?

Plant earth is the third planet from the sun. This is partly why earth can sustain life. This keeps the temperature reasonable for life to exist.

How far away is earth to the moon in cm?

1. Dist from Earth to Moon = 382500 Km 2. 382500 x 1000 = 382500000 m 3. 382500000 x 100 = 38250000000 cm

Is earth the third plant?

Earth is the third closest plant to sun

What kind of a plant is earth?

Earth is not a "plant", it is a "planet" - a rocky planet.