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How fast airmail travel to aboard?

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I believe it depends on where you sending it and the distance. If you use some private service , mail travels quite fast. For example US - Europe is about 4 working days. Withing the continent much faster. For other destinations eg. US - Australia it could take 1 week. All these estimates are valid for private services, where the cost is larger. For regular post-offices it could take from 1 till 4 weeks, always depending on distance.

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How do you write an airmail address?

The address is just the address. What makes it airmail is writing "airmail" on the envelope and paying airmail postage.

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Airmail is a noun, adjective and verb, not an adverb.

Does airmail travel on weekends?

Depends on the company. The US Postal Service does not ship or deliver on Sundays.

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about 2 weeks...a month max hope that answers your question

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How long does it take Hong Kong airmail to reach UK?

Airmail is usually 7-14 days from Hong Kong. There is different mail carriers now in Hong Kong and sometimes the airmail used is SAL (Surface Air Lift) which is somewhere between airmail and surface mail in time and price. It goes air over sea and by train over land. Sometimes if there is extra capacity on airmail it goes via air - during off peak times it is pretty much as fast as airmail. The official time is 11-22 days. Surface mail is 6 weekish.

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