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How frequent is it for a mother to have an inappropriate relationship with her son?

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Number wise who cares, its wrong and gross and should be reported to the authorities.....Immediately, especially for the boys sake.

AnswerNormal I would find that really wrong for a mother & son to be having sex.........but these days its very common for people to have incest relationships weather it be mother & son,father & daughter,or mother & daughter.I guess whatever would make that person happy & whatever floats their boat..........i wouldn't do it!!!
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Is it ok to french kiss your son?

Not really It is kinda inappropriate for the mother and son relationship. Also your son is a minor and you are an adult so it is illegal as it's considered a sexual act.

What is the Relationship name for mama son?


What is the relationship between the mother and son in the short story The sky is gray?

the mother and son haVE A VERY strong connection

What is the relationship between Bruno and mother in the boy in the striped pajamas?

they are mother and son.

What is the theme in The Aged Mother?

son-relationship valuing

Did Sally field have a relationship with one of her sons on brothers and sisters?

Yes, she did. She had the relationship of a mother that a mother has with her son. As most mothers do.

How is the relationship between hamlet and his mother Gertrude?

its an Oedipus complex were a son is in love with his mother

What is the theme in the story of The Aged Mother?

mother-son relationship valuing and respecting the old

What is the Greek Word for the Mother and Son relationship?

Oedipus Oedipus

What is the relationship of a son in law's brother to you the mother?

You're not related.

What is the theme of The Aged Mother?

son-relationship valuing oklahoma...

Is mother and daughter can have lesbian relation?

Physically it is possible, just as mother and son can have sexual relationship.

What relationship is your mother to your wife's nephew's son?

If your wife's nephew is not a son of one of your siblings, there is no relationship between your mom and either your wife's nephew or his son. If your wife's nephew is the son of one of your siblings, then he is your mother's grandchild.

Can your son be call the stepson of your wife who is not his biological mother?

That would be the relationship. If she were to adopt him, son would be correct.

What is the thing that a sister has with her brother and mother has with her son but wife does not have with her husband?

Blood relationship.

How do you fix a mother and son relationship?

Do something nice for next mothers day

Can a son suck a mother's breast?

It is appropriate for an infant to suck a mother's breast for nourishment. When the mother no longer provides milk, it is inappropriate.

What do you do if you find out your son is having a gay relationship but hiding it?

Unless the relationship is inappropriate (such as with an adult or with a bad influence), then it is not your business. However, if you don't know, you should probably ask to meet his boyfriend.

What is the opposite of son?

The opposite gender is daughter. The opposite relationship could be father or mother.

Why after son married did he sever relationship with mother?

Perhaps the mother was invading the relationship of the couple by her insistance on certain things, or was hostile to the wife, and/or the wife did not like the mother and the son had to make the choice to support his wife. All the mother can do is occasionally send a card or letter on a positive note and hope they come back sometime. She can't make it happen, except by leaving herself open to reapproachment by the son.

Is mother son relationship an example of mutualism?

No, even if you consider a young son who is totally dependant on his mother and would die without her care, mutualism is an interespecific (between different species) interaction.

What relationship is your son in laws mother to you?

Your son's mother in law is no relation to you. That doesn't mean you can't work together for the strength and unity of the family.

What relationship is your nephews son to your daughters son?

what is the relationship between your nephews son to my daughters son

What are the attitudes of mother and son in the story?

The attitudes of mother and son in the story is that the mother will truly care about the son. If the mother cares about the son, the son will most likely love the mother. If not, the son is not worthwhile. l l) kay if this is the correct answer to your question, but it is my guess.

What is the opposite of father in law?

The opposite (reverse) relationship is "son-in-law."The opposite gender is mother-in-law.