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How good is law in determining the rights of parents and children?

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It is very good. It specifies that the parents are responsible for the safety and welfare of their children.

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What is good reason to terminate parents rights?

The good reasons are if they are taking drugs, alcohol or are sexually abusive to the children.

What do strict parents do?

Strict parents show discipline to their children and are hard on them so the children will get good grades and learn what's good and what's wrong.Some strict parents also are hard on their children because of their childhood and emotions of it.

What are the role of parents?

The role of parents are to always protect your children. They have to be a good role model, and they have to guide their children in life.

What are the advantages of teaching children how to be good parents in future?

Better parents in the future.

Can a father give up rights to his children?

how do i give up rights to my children in the state of texas. I do love them, but their mother is not so good to me or them

What is Parents' role in Islam?

Muslim parents have to help, support, teach, guide and protect their children. Muslim Parents have to raise their children as good Muslims: * They teach their children about Islam. * They teach their children the Islamic teachings, e.g. Al-Qur'an, the Sunna, morals of a good Muslim etc. * Parents have to practice what they are trying to teach their children.

What is the role of the kids in a Mexican family?

Like most children in western families, they have both rights and responsibilities. At the very least, they should obbey their parents and have a good behavior.

Will parents who disown their children go to heaven?

Good question! I think it depends on whether the parents were good or bad.

What do God and your parents have in common?

Both are authorities. Both (if the parents are good parents) want the best for their children.

How does muscules work?

always be good to your parents children

How can parents contribute towards good behaviour and conduct by their children?

Parents should lead by example. Parents who smoke and tell their children not to smoke are not leading by example. if parents behave in an acceptable manner then their children can follow their example.

What do you think about the suggestion that advertising (or sale) of junk food to children should be restricted?

The diet of their children should be the responsibility of the parents of the children. If parents cannot control what their children are eating, they are not being good parents.

Should parents beat their kids?

No, kids are human beings. It's wrong to beat children.There are many other forms of punishment which can be used to establish discipline in children. Parents who have good and loving relationships with their children usually have no reason to resort to aggressive measures to encourage good behaviors in their children. Parents who set good moral examples for their children usually have very few conflicts with their children.

Is there a parental advisory warning for wrestling?

Sometimes there is, sometimes parents do not allow young children to watch wrestling. Parents want their children to get a good education and a good night sleep.

Do sons inherit their mothers blood or fathers or both?

both is not a good term . but both parents are included in determining that

What is good for children?

there are a lot of things that are good for children from good food to good excercise from good parents to good attention. good education to good living good environment to good friends. there are always good for children and that they can be benifited from it is also good.

What are the positive effects of divorce on teens?

If you are talking about your parents to teens or children of any age this can be a trauma. Most children don't want their parents to divorce. The pros are if the parents are always arguing in front of the children; there is abuse then this can teach the child abusive behavior. Neither of these two ways of life are good for children and it's best for the parents to divorce and share custody of the children. After divorce some parents even become good friends.

Why are children good for babysitter then bad when parents come to get them and how can the babysitter or parent correct this?

Children are often "good" for a babysitter because the experience is new. With parents, patterns are established that lend to disobedience and strife.

Why are parents good role model?

it helps keep their children from danger

Why can you disown children and not your spouse?

Good question. Some parents believe they failed as parents to raise their children "properly" and believe they're better off alone.

What was relationship like between children and their parents during Shakespeare's time?

In the time of Shakespear, children parent relationships were not good, this is clear from the stories he wrote as he reflected most of his work on his life and religion. Iligitimate children, parents abandoning children, adultrous relationships etc children killing parents,

Do parents approve of young engagements?

Most parents do not like young engagements and want their children to get a good education and settled into a good job first.

How do children deal with parent separation if there parents do not get along?

It is time for the parents to stop being selfish and to put their children first. If the parents cannot do so and realize divorce is extremely traumatic to their children then a relative such as grandparents can interfere to be sure the children get raised in a peaceful and good environment.

Can parents kicking their children out be a blessing in disguise it they're mean?

Sometimes, yes, if a child is good, but the parents are bad.

Is learning things from your parents a good thing?

If children pick up a bad habit from their parents, it's bad. If children pick up good habits, however, it's a great thing. A child should be able to learn from their parents.Yes. It's good to learn from your parents. Unless they're in trouble with the Law. Then you must be cautious.