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Not hard at all. Jack the car up and put a jack stand under it so you can safely slid under it. Remove the right tire and then remove the brake drum. You may need to do a little work to get this off depending on its condition. Then once inside the brake area you can locate the cable connector. It is a simple slip on type of connector and you don't need to remove all the parts to get to it. A long needle nose is helpful tho. Slide under the car and find the cable and follow it to the connector from the emergency brake handle. Remove the nuts that secure the cable in place. Then go back to the right brake drum remove the cable. It is pressed into place and might require a little pounding to get out. Look at the new one and you will get an idea of how it is held in place. Once out clean up that area for the new cable and install from the drum to the connector. Then reinstall the drum and adjust both the drum brakes and the cable. This typically took me about an hour and a half to complete with all the adjustments.

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Q: How hard is it to change the right hand emergency brake cable in a 1982 2WD King Cab?
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What side is the emergency brake on a 1991 Chevy Camaro rs on?

the emergency brake is on the right side on the console

How do you release the emergency brake on a gmc arcadia 2011?

push on the regular with right foot and with the left foot press on the emergency brake.

Where is the emergency brake release located on a 2010 Chevy Malibu?

The emergency brake release on a 2010 Chevy Malibu is located beside your left foot. You would push down on the emergency brake pedal to release it while having your right foot on the regular brake.

How do you adjust the emergency brake cable on a 1995 Ford Escort GT I need to know how to adjust the cable not the hand releaseapplie lever?

there should be an adjusting nut on the e- brake line If this is a disc brake e-brake there is a Alan wrench adjuster behind the brake piston of the caliper located by the brake cable braket. Unscrew the bolt and insert an Alan wrench. Turn right to tighten, or left to loosen. Drum brakes have a 10 mm nut under the plastic cover over the lever This connects directly to the cable lefty loosey deep socket helps

My 1995 Chevy G20 won't change from park to drive?

There's a servo motor on the right side of the steering column (just below the bottom of the dash) that releases a cable when you push down on the brake. If it's working properly it will disengage the cable when you press on the brake in park and suck the cable back in when you release the brake. Mine burned out, so I unplugged the cable to the motor, pulled the cable loose and now I can always shift out of park -- even if my foot isn't on the brake. No big deal!

How do you release emergency brake stuck on the right wheels only on a 2001 Ford Ranger?

I'm thinking about what you said, and I release probably you don't have emergency brake on, it could be something broken on the rear brake hardware, So you have to pull your tires off and check the brake springs and check emergency brake cables under the truck,

How do you unstick an emergency brake on 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee when the back brakes feel like they are stuck when you push the gas pedal?

if the cable is siezed up, you would be wasting time trying to free it up and lube wont help. just cut off the old cable and replace with a new one from dealer. it would be a good idea to replace the entire emergency brake cable system (main cable, and rear left & right)while youre down there. both back cables seem to go at about the same time.

What is the cable located right under the Ford Taurus right under the drivers car door?

That is the parking brake cable. It runs to the rear wheels to engage the parking brake whenever the pedal is depressed. Be sure to use the parking brake whenever you park your vehicle to prevent rust in the parking brake cable and to prevent damage to your Automatic Transmission

How do you adjust a parking brake Honda element?

Set the emergency brake. Then put your finger in the front part of the plastic where the emergency brake arm is and lift up and forward and take out the plastic center console and you'll see the adjustment right behind the emergency brake 12mm nut. You can't miss it

What caused your right rear tire to lock up?

A brake issue such as a stuck e-brake cable.

How do you adjust emergency-brake cable on a 2001 Hyundai accent?

there is a cup holder just behind the emergency brake handle, on the sides of the cup holder are two screws, unscrew them, then use a spanner don't remember the size, and just adjust the bolt to the right while testing the tension using the handle, The brake shoes mechanisms are self adjusting in this 01' accent, but at times u need the adjust the bolt.

What happens when the brake cable breaks on a Kia Sportage?

just your emergency brakes won't work, but more importantly the levers inside the rear brake drums slack off scrubbing on the inside of the drums and over a period of time they will cut right thru the drums, .So get it fixed.

How do you make holmade hande brakes on abikeo?

Attaching homemade brakes on a bike is a simple process/ You will need a wrenches and cable cutters. The first step is to loosen the brake caliper, then loosen the near the back and pull the gyro loose. The final step is cutting the brake cable to the right size, attaching the cable to the right side of the brake, and testing the brakes to make the sure the cable does not break.

Why are your back rear brakes red smoking hot?

There are a couple of thing that could cause this. You could have a caliper or cylinder locked up or the emergency brake cable could be frozen up. It is best to have it looked at right away. You may have driven the vehicle with the parking brake applied.

Where is the fuse box 96 Thunderbird?

Under the driverside by right next to the emergency brake

What makes right rear brake lock?

Could be, broken/missing brake hold down hardware, cracked/broken brake shoes, frozen brake cylinder, frozen e-brake cable,

How do you release the emergency brake on a 2000 Dodge Dakota?

The release handle is right above the parking brake pedal underneath the dashboard on left side.

How do you disconnect the parking brake cable on my 2003 Chevy Astro van?

If im thinking right about your problem you are showing a light on your dashboard....can be cause bcs cable its stuck or a rear brake cylinder or drum its bad....

How do you release the emergency brake on a 96 Chevy Lumina?

press to release. says so right on the pedal.

How do you replace the emergency brake release cable on your vehicle?

Everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at your local library, just make copies of the right pages, as they are usually REFERENCE up and good luck :)

How do yopu adjust the parking brake on a 1991 toyato pickup?

Underneath the truck on the passengerside you will find the cable. if your not sure have someone pull brake while your under truck. The cable goes into a yoke, you simply turn it & cable wil cinch tighter,it may have a lock washer, that you loosen first. For your model its right when you get 7-12 clicks of your parking brake. Most cars design of the parking brake cable, & its adjustment, are the same.

Where is inside fuse box?

depends on what year but on mine is right next to the emergency brake and it just pops off.

What is the pedal to the left of the break in the Chevy Malibuu?

If it's all the way over on the left, it's the parking/emergency brake. You set and release the parking brake with this pedal. If it's right next to the brake, it's a clutch.

How do you change a parking brake cable on 300zx?

This is for the 84-89 300ZX. There are 3 separate pieces that go with the Parking Brake. 1) The handle on the center console which has a cable connected to it, which in turn goes through the floor to a Y type cable connection. 2) Left side cable connected to the rear brake caliper that is channeled through the fame a few inches with clips that keep it in place. 3) Is the same as 2 but on the right side. I will have t assume that your cable is rusted and seized up. If the #1 cable seizes, you have to replace the whole handle piece which comes off with 4 bolts, 2 on handle and 2 for the cable that passes through the floor. The other two, you have to take the rear tires off and get under the car and take off the clips that hold the cable to the frame. Pull the cable out through the frame and replace.

Which fuse do you change for the right side rear brake and turn signal light on a 1984 GM Van?

If only the right rear brake/signal light is effected it is not the fuse. Inspect the right rear brake/signal bulb, socket and wiring.