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It is a major undertaking to replace the front heater core, or the AC evaperator. They are both housed inside a plastic chamber behind the dash. You have to remove the left side of the dash, and all associated wiring, lower the steering column, and open the AC system in order to get the Heater/AC chamber our to remove the top of the chamber and lift out the heater core. The Haynes manual gives a step-by-step directions. It took me most of the day to replace my AC evaporator. Good luck, and don't forget to connect back up all the electrical plugs.

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Q: How hard is it to replace a heater core on a 1988 grand caravan?
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How do you replace a heater on a 1988 Honda?

A "heater" or a "heater core"?

What size gas tank does a 1988 Dodge Grand Caravan have?

15 gallon

How to replace a heater core in a 1988 Grand Marquis?

remove steering column, pull back dash to passenger front seat, you do not have to dis-assemble entire dash panel. You can access plenum (heater box)this way.

1988 Dakota heater core replacement?

To replace a 1988 Dakota heater core, first discharge the A/C. Then remove the lower instrument panel before removing the heater box unit.

How do you replace a heater core in a 1988 Mercury Cougar?

How do you remove a heater coil from a 1988 ford crown Victoria?

The dash has to be removed to gain access to the heater box. The heater box then comes out and is split open to replace the core.

Are the springs on a 1988 Pontiac Grand Am pressed on?

no, you do not need a compression tool to remove or replace them

1988 Ford Ranger 2.9 V6 no heat?

replace the heater core if that's not it start checking fuse

Why would the transmission in a 1988 Dodge Grand Caravan shift late and downshifting too soon?

Make sure the throtle cable is adjusted properly.

Where is the fan relay on a 1988 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Look in the power distribution box (Black Box) located under the hood drivers side.

How difficult is it to replace an alternator belt in a 1988 Grand Am and what tools are needed?

What size motor? What accessories do you have? BClear.

Where are the hidden bolts for the 1988 grand marquis heater core?

this is what i,d like to no to why cant anyone give a good dam answer 2 this question

How do you replace the heater core on a 1993 Mazda 929?

you have to remove the dash and every thing attached to it. Is it the same for a 1988 Mazda 929?

On a 1988 fi50 6cyl is their any special placement of the heater hoses?

nope ive had to replace mine on my 300 and it was a normal position

How do you replace the fuel pump on a 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis?

You will have to look in the glove box for the owners manual and look it up.

What is the weight of a 1988 Dodge Caravan?

The weight of a 1988 Dodge Caravan including the engine is 4,655 pounds. This weight is for a 2.6 liter G54B engine, frame of the van, and tires.

How do you remove and replace a heater core in a 1988 Chevy 4x4 pickup?

Take the glove box out. Look in behind. Have fun -- it's not a nice job.

Why do you not have hot heat inside vehicle at 30 degrees or less outside temperature but at 50 degrees it will be just fine on a 1988 Cherokee?

The heater core may be plugged or bad. You can either flush the heater core and the 2 lines running thru the firewall to the heater core or you can replace the heater core.

How remove 1988 caravan wheel bearings?

Front or rear?

How long does it take to replace a heater core for a ford bronco 1988?

I have a 1987 ford bronco and I changed the heater core in about 15 minutes. All you have to do is remove glove box and there is a panel with a few screws around it. and there you go.

How do you remove the heater core in a 1988 Chevy G20?

Drain the water from your 1988 Chevy cooling system. Remove the heater core water supply hoses. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. The heater core will come out.

How do you replace the heater core in a 1988 Chevy S10 pickup 4.3 liter?

you need to take apart the lower dash on the passenger side. This is not a fun job.

How much does heater core cost?

About 27.00 for a 1988 towncar heater core at autozone.

Replaced the heater core on a 1988 Ford Taurus and now you dont have bilnkers or hazards what might be the problem?

recheck where you were at to replace the heater core,might have accidentally un plugged something.also look into blown fuses . good luck

Where is heater core on 1988 Buick Electra 307?

The heater core is mounted to the passenger side firewall on the 1988 Buick Electra 307. The blower motor needs to be removed to access the heater core.