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It is not hard to get your high school diploma. You just have to finish high school.


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You can take the GED test which is the same as a high school diploma.

High School Diploma Online | Free Program Online | High School ... Earn a real high school diploma online fast and at home. Enroll in our free high school diploma test program and receive your diploma in a matter of days.

Will passing the online equivancley test give you an accredditted high school diploma?

You can have your high school diploma or your GED to get into the army as long as you can pass the mental test your good to go

1.GED Online > High School Diploma Online > Free GED Test Online 2.High School Online - GED Online - High School Diploma

Any professional school will take you with your high school diploma. Most schools will have you take an entrance test or placement test to see where to start you out.

i took a high school diploma test from townsend Georgia is it acceptable any where in the united states

No, an online high school diploma may prepare you for a GED. The GED is a specific test that is an equivalency to high school level education.

A high school diploma is something that you earn by spending enough credit hours at a high school and a GED is a test that you take that is based on what you would learn in school and if you pass it then it is something like a diploma.

You can not take your GED test online - you must take it in person. But you can surely get your highs school diploma online may be you should try Senford High School they offer High School Diploma if you pass their GED kind of test online. or go to google and search Accredited Diploma and you will see Senford High School on the top.

A GED or high school equivalency test.

There are many online high school online diploma classes available for free ,all he has to do is write a test and get qualified in it. For diploma try madison falls.

A GED is a test that you take as a substitute of your diploma. Usually it is used by students who are not able to graduate high school for some reason. A diploma is simply the document you receive upon graduation from high school.

There are various free high school diploma courses and programs that can be found on the computer or traditionally. Centennial high school offers a free high school diploma test that can be taken at home and on the computer.

Just do a Google search on "HS Diploma online" - you will get dozens of hits. Be careful to make sure you work with a company that has a good reputation. Also consider contacting your local public school district - many offer free prep classes for people wanting to get their graduate equivalent diploma.

The minimum qualifications to recieve a high school diploma in the COLUMBUS OHIO school districts are to pass all of the sections of the graduation test.

There is a high school diploma which you are awarded after successful completion of four years of study in the required courses. There is also something called a "Certificate of Completion", this merely indicates that you attended a four-year high school and its courses. It does not state that you were earned enough credits to be awarded a diploma. There is a big difference between the two. After leaving high school if you did not earn your diploma, you can study and take a test to achieve your General Educational Development (GED) diploma. The GED is equal to a high school diploma.

Bedford High school online high school diploma test is not a scam. i paid for this program for my son and he has gone far with his creditials.

The fastest way to get your GED diploma is to study online. ... GED classes and an online GED study test makes learning high school skills easy and simple.

High School Diploma is second name for GED General Equivalency/Education Diploma. High School Diploma or GED is basic requirement for any higher studies or government job. GED is certificate of successfully passing set of five subjects.

High school diploma, at least a GT score of 32 on the ASVAB test.

A GED can be obtained at any point after a person turns 16 and hasn't graduated from high school yet. Also it takes less time to earn your GED than it does to earn your high school diploma. Additionally all you have to do is pass a test to acquire your GED, whereas to get your high school diploma you have to meet more requirements set forth by the state.

No he did not, he did have poor grades throughout high school because he had dyslexia. However on a high school exam in 1895 he failed the liberal arts portion of the test. In 1896 he was awarded his high school diploma.

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