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After World War II, migrants from Europe and Asia made Australia more multicultural. People of different colours are living in the same country and in relative harmony. Ffood is a big change. We have migrants coming in because of war, post-war rebuilding or poverty and bringing in their traditional food like Italian pizzas and pastas, Mexican tacos and wraps, Chinese noodles and spice, Pacific fish dishes. Many meals you would eat normally today would not be traditional Australian meals. So many people have eventually come in from other countries because this is a free country where people can be themselves and say what they want. They have political freedom; religious freedom; freedom in education; better access to health services, etc.

Due to this type of settlement of different types of races, Australia has people who are skilled and who have learnt different types of skills from the indigenous people, fellow white Australians, as well as foreigners.

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Q: How has multiculturalism affected Australian society?
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