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How has television affected society?

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TV and SocietyAlthough television gives people access to some of the finest aspects of our culture, great plays, movies and music, and a wide variety of intellectually stimulating programming, most people spend most of their time watching the most incredible dreck that their minds are numbed. Time that used to be spent reading, or working around the house, or socialising and interacting witth other people is now spent in an endles search for more titillating, more vulgar, ever stupider "entertainment"

Made life easier but at the same time it has caused less physical activity and caused more pollution in the air.

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What new cultural trends affected American society in the 1970's?

The new cultural trends affected American society in the 1970's were television,music,fads and fashion.

What belief does Postman hold about television?

He believes nearly all topics make their way onto TV.

How has a washing machine changed of affected society?

has a washing machine changed of affected society?

How has cinema affected society?

Media affects our society in several ways and controls the direction of society. Television is a source of media that has a strong effect on society today. It is important to look at the influence of television because an average American who subscribes to cable TV watches over 8 hours of TV a day. (Harris, 22) There are both positive and negative impacts media has on society.*

How has Marilyn Monroe's accomplishments affected society?

Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, singer, model, and businesswoman in the 1950s-1960s. Her accomplishments affected society by giving women a stronger backbone in the entertainment industry. She also made it more permissible to increase sexualization in movies and television.

How has music been affected by society?

Musicians and composers are products of their society.

How have video games affected society?

They have made society more leet

When was Royal Television Society created?

Royal Television Society was created in 1927.

How were the Muslims affected by Indian lifeculture and society?

Muslims were affected by Indian life, culture and society in their architecture and art, which acquired Indian styles.

How did George Washington carver's invention affect society?

It affected society tremendously

How is society affected by corruption?

Corruption is a bad thing, and it has a bad affect on society.

What effects did Rome's society have on modern day society?

it affected our religion and culture.

How have computers affected society?

Yes, defiantly!

What did Anita Moreno do that affected society?


How has nanking massacre affected society?

it didnt

How were Shakespeares plays affected by the society he lived in?

His plays were greatly affected by the society he lived in. Some of his plays were banned due to the content that the plays contained.

How have public services affected society?

Public services have affected society in many ways. They have made some aspects of society more egalitarian and the poor have access to health care as well as the rich.

How was society affected in England early 1700s?

what was the society like in the early 1600's

How do society will be affected by the growth of telecommuting?

working from would be beneficial for the society nd for the environment,,,

What are the roles of television and radio in society?

the role of television in our society it promote our pluricultural society and the radio it daves information,communication and entertaiment

How has facebook affected American society?

its affected our society because now some members don't use it for socializing they use it for cyberbullying,porn,raping ,etc......

How did pop art affect society?

it affected so

How has ps3 affected society in a negative way?


Give example of how chemistry influences society and how society influences chemistry?

Chemistry can both positively and negatively affect a society. Society is constantly affected with new chemical products that help do everything from cook to clean. Society can also be negatively affected by chemistry when illegal drugs are introduced.

How computers have affected your society positively and negatively?

What impact do computers have on society?AnswerWhat impact do computers have on society?Matt n is the bees knees