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How has the motorcycle improved our lives?

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Depends on your point of view, in my opinion, biking is the most fun you can have with your clothes on, oh quit asking stupid questions .

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Are eye glasses one example of how technology has improved lives?

Yes. Glasses have certainly "improved" lives.

How has the camera improved your lives?


How has the computer improved your lives?

wait what am I doing

Who improved the lives of poor Victorian children?


How did inventions change people lives?

It improved technology.

How has science improved our lives?

You ARE using a computer, aren't you !

What are antibiotics and how have they improved health?

antibiotics are chemicals that can save lives.

How has space travel improved your daily lives?

Cool movies?

How did the Grange improve famer's lives?

it improved their lives by families gathering for weddings, funerals and holiday dances

Have cellphones improved our lives?

just imagine life without communicated with other people,they have improved by us contacting people

What was an effect for careful planning of cities?

Improved lives for all classes

How do you think the transcontinental railroad improved peoples lives?

Everyone may have a different opinion but here is mines! - It improved people lives becuase of communication. Communication was good in case of emergencies , problems, etc!

How does a motorcycle impact your lives?

At a rate of speed between 30-100 kph

How did the Industrial Revolution change peoples lives?

The industrial revolution improved lives by introducing time saving products to people. Also, people who worked in the factories made more in income and their standards of living improved.

What was an affect of careful planning for cities?

Improved lives for all classes-apex :)

How have cell phones improved your lives?

cellular phones have made it easier for you to communicate with others

How did Pericles improve life in Athens?

Pericles helped improved their lives, by creating a Democracy for them.

How has the helicopter improved your lives?

It has improved our lives because we use helicopters in many different ways. It is used for transportation, construction, search & rescue. Police even use it to monitor traffic lights, and to catch speeders. Also they are used for Army too.

What is the importance of Technology in daily lives?

the importance of technology is that it has made our lives a lot more easier and improved our everyday lives. it is therefore said that it has caused a lot of mayhem and catastrophic insolence!

How did former slaves improve their lives?

Former slaves improved their lives by engaging in farming activities. Most of them started share-cropping which was a source of livelihood.

How was medical advances improved lives?

by making things faster before its to late and find cures

What is the beneficial effect and harmful of the technology?

a veriety of new technology have greatly improved peoples lives

In which year was the BSA A7 motorcycle first produced?

The BSA A7 motorcycle was made by the Birmingham Small Arms Company. The first production was in 1946. There were two versions of this model: the original 495 cc and in 1950 the improved 497 cc version.

Did the Russian revolution improve the lives of the Russian people?

"For the millionth time, it improved the lives of the common person but it made the life of the clergy and the monarchy much worse.

How does the cotton gin improve people's lives?

They improved lives back then because black slaves didn't have to sit all day grinding up the cotton.