Thunderstorms and Lightning
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How has thunder and lightning affected mankind in history?

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it is dangoures than hurricsnes and tornadod

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How are people affected by thunder and lightning?

because its loud

Effects of thunder and lightning on mankind?

it causes fires, kills, destoys home

Does thunder cause lightning or does lightning cause thunder?

Lightning causes thunder

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'thunder' and 'lightning'?

Thunder is 'toirneach'; lightning is 'tintreach' or 'splanc'.

Is lightning caused by thunder?

No. Thunder is caused by lightning.

What is the relationship of thunder and lightning?

Lightning is the cause of thunder.

Which can you see thunder or lightning?

Thunder is the sound of lightning.

How are thunder and lightning related?

Thunder is merely the name of the sound that lightning makes.

What is the relationship between thunder and lightning?

Thunder is the sound of lightning. :)

Advantages of lightning and thunder storm?

advandages of lightning and thunder

Is thunder the eco of lightning?

thunder is the sound of lightning if that is what you are asking

Can it thunder and lightning without clouds?

No it cant lightning but it can thunder

What is lightning without thunder?

Lightning without thunder is called heat lightning. It occurs when the lightning is too far away for humans to hear the thunder.

What are the latin words for thunder and lightning?

The Latin words for thunder and lightning are: Thunder = Tonitrus Lightning = Fulgoris, Fulgor Storm = Procella

How are lightning and thunder the same?

They aren't the same. Lightning is a stream of accelerated electrons, and thunder is a sound. Thunder is caused by lightning but they are not the same.

Why don't the thunder and lightning come together?

thunder and lightning do not come together as lightning is way much faster than thunder.

What will be the growth of a tree affected by thunder and lightning?

It will be about 6-7 inches past, Go truck YOURSELF!!

Why does lightning come after thunder?

Lightning does not come after thunder. Thunder is the sound produced from lightning. The amount of time in between when you see the lightning and when you hear the thunder makes you think that the thunder comes first but it is in fact the other way around.

How are thunder and lightning different?

"Thunder is noise. Lightning is a bolt of electricity coming down from the sky. You always see lightning before you hear thunder because light travels faster than sound." You can get hit by lightning but not by thunder. Lightning hits the ground but thunder does not.

Does thunder cause lightning or does lightning cause thunder explain?

Lightning causes thunder. Lightning is a massive electrical discharge that you see as a bolt or flash of light. Thunder is the sound caused when the lightning superheats the air, creating a shockwave.

How do you say thunder and lightning in hebrew?

thunder = ra'am (רעם) lightning = barak (ברק)

Folk beliefs of thunder and lightning?

folk beliefs about thunder and lightning

What is it called when lightning and thunder occur together?

lightning+ thunder-=light'n'thunder

What happens when there is lightning but no thunder?

Thunder is the sound caused by lightning, there is always thunder with lightning. If you cannot hear thunder maybe that is because you are too far away from the storm.

What is the history on thunder and lightning?

it has killed people more than 37 or 100 people