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Italians have contributed to Australia in sport, fashion, culture, architecture, food (Pizza, pasta, cheese etc) and helped provide jobs, worked on cane farms, and helped build things like the Kuranda train railway tracks.

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Q: How have the italians contributed to the Australian socierty?
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Hey! Italians have introduced fashion, which is a wide aspect in Australian life, food like; pizza, pasta, spagetti ( just to name a few), car like; ferreri, masserati and lots more, music and culture. Italian language is the second most widely spoken language in Australia

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Business, culture, dance, and food are ways in which Italians contribute to the Australian way of life. The Land Down Under is known for diversity, integrity, and quality in business, culture, entertainment, and food. Australians of Italian descent respect the above-mentioned traditions while adding clean, clear insular and peninsular spins on export and import businesses dealing with accessories and clothing, entertainment, food, and household items.

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