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personal preference, it should be high enough so that it doesn't interfer with the faucet. Other than that, there is no "right" place to put it.

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Q: How high should a shelf be placed above a bathroom sink and below a mirror?
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How high should a bathroom mirror be?

A bathroom mirror should be at about eye level, and certainly not above it. Ideally, the bathroom mirror is above the sink. When in doubt, gather a group representative of those who would be using the bathroom mirror. Find a spot that everyone is satisfied with. Try not to make anyone stoop or strain upwards to see anything in the mirror, but consider that kids will most likely grow, so plan ahead where it applies.

How high should you hang a mirror?

Depending on the location... a standard bathroom mirror should be placed with the top of the reflective surface around six to ten inches above eye level. On the back of a door or on an alternate wall: full length should have a five to eight inch clearance from the floor/trim while a 'portrait' mirror should be hung similar to bathroom guidelines. Decorative mirrors are completely up in the air depending on taste.

Where is the bomb in the bathroom in Metal Gear Solid 2?

On the celling above the mirror. P.S. - Make sure you are in the WOMAN'S bathroom.

What is the height for an Ada bathroom mirror?

max 40" from the finished floor and needs to continue to min 74" above finished floor.

Where should the Doctype be placed on the webpage?

A doctype is a header, so it should be placed at the top of the webpage. When writing HTML for a website, it should be placed directly above the tag.

How high should you hang a mirror over a console table?

The bottom of the mirror frame should be approx 6" above the top of the table, no more than 8".

What is the proper height for vanity lighting above mirror?

Vanity lighting should be 84".

In a new construction home I would like to know how far up on the wall in a bathroom above the sink you put the light box?

Depends on what type mirror and light you are going to install. If you do not know at this time just pull the wire into the wall, and leave it hanging down about 1 foot above the center of the sink above the counter top inside the wall cavity. Once you install the counter top, pick the mirror, and light, you can cut a hole in the drywall and install a pop-in box and pull the wire out. A plastic pop-in box will easily hold most bathroom lights. If you know the size mirror and light combination. Mount the light box above the mirror so as the bottom of the light is about 1" above the top of the mirror. The light itself not the light mounting base. You do not want the light shining into the mirror.

How high should you hang a light fixture over a plate mirror?

Mount the box one to two inches above where the top of the mirror will be.

How far should bathroom outlets and switches be from the shower or tub?

Provided they are at least a metre above the height of any bath and not directly above it, and unreachable when in the shower, they should be safe.

When traveling with empty forklift how should the blades be placed?

1 foot above ground.

How high to hang a round mirror over a console table?

The bottom of the mirror frame should be 6-8" above the top of the table. 6" is ideal.

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