How high should the toilet paper holder be?

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The standard position for a toilet paper holder - should be 8-12 inches in front of the toilet and 26 inches (centerline) above the floor.
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What is the standard placement of a toilet paper roll holder?

\n . \nThe standard placement is 20 - 24 inches from the floor up to the center of the TP holder. New toilet configuration these days my be several inches higher than the old standard toilet. If you have a newer toilet, adjust accordingly. .

How do you assemble a toilet paper holder?

Answer . If you have the package please read the instructions. If not, then there is usually a plate with 4 screws and you screw it into the wall near the toilet. Then slip toilet paper over the aluminum roller and clip in. (You will see two holes or notches on each side (inside) of the plate ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you are addicted to eating toilet paper?

sounds like you are deficient in Iron, I suggest you get a check-up. make sure you tell them about your craving. Get a psychiatrist as well; there are way too many edible and safe sources of iron for you to behave like that.

What is the proper placement of a toilet paper holder?

The toilet paper holder needs to be within easy and convenient reach of someone sitting on the toilet. There should be room between the person and the holder. Also, if possible, avoid placing the holder under the towel rack, since the paper could become wet. The practical way to figure this out is t ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a toilet paper holder?

Do you mean from the toilet (as in you flushed it down)? Well, if this is what you mean, I'll tell you how. If it was recently and it's STILL in there, then ATTACK IT WITH THE PLUNGER!!! If this isn't what you mean, then I can't aswer that... but in terms of the other answer, if it's still in th ( Full Answer )

What direction should the toilet paper roll face?

The roll should dispense over the top to the front. This is easier to see and to grab the end of the sheet. The paper's embossion and/or printing is a clear indicator of the manufacturer's intention of installation direction, as these favor the outside of the roll. If you have children it is probab ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a toilet paper holder from the wall?

Surface mount there should be small set screws on the underneath side of the bracket. Small screw driver or Allen wrench. Set in the wall, there should be screws at the back of it that secure it.

Should toilet paper dispense from the top or the bottom?

In general, toilet paper can be dispensed from wither side, seeing as it rolls off. however looking back into the military and at high priced hotels, having the paper roll over and away from the wall show best convenience. This manner also allows for the famous hotel fold which brings an even more a ( Full Answer )

What side of toilet should toilet paper holder be placed.?

Either on the left or right, 26 inches off the floor and 8 to 12 inches forward from the front of the toilet bowl. Reference:

Should you flush your toilet paper or throw it in the basket?

flushing ones toilet paper depends on the grade, you shouldn't be throwing heavy or very course toilet paper into the toilet as it causes blockages. keep to thin toilet paper for when actually using the toilet and use the heavier and courser toilet paper for when drying your hands and put it into th ( Full Answer )

How do you replace a ceramic wall mounted toilet paper holder that fell off the wall?

scrape out the old thin set that held it in clean up the area whereit came out and use more thin set to adhere it back into the space. *Reads like the answer presumes this is set into the wall. If it isnot, but was instead attached to the wall surface, clean off thebase and use PL Premium to re-atta ( Full Answer )

How can you fix your toilet if you flushed the plastic toilet paper roll holder and it is now stuck?

If you are enough of a handyman, you can remove the toilet from the floor yourself and remove the roller. I once had to do this to remove a small hairbrush that one of my kids flushed down the commode that got stuck in the bend of the toilet. To do so, you will need to: 1) buy a new wax seal to ( Full Answer )

Do you need a toilet paper holder?

Its not only there for convenience, its job is to keep the paper from contacting different surfaces, keeping it clean - pretty good idea considering where it has to come into contact with your body.

Should gerbils eat toilet paper rolls?

Gerbils will not eat toilet paper tubes, but they will - and can - chew them up. It is entertaining for the gerbils, and their teeth benefit somewhat.

Standard height for toilet roll holder?

The most common height for a toilet roll holder appears to be 30-36 inches. I always try to fit them within these measurements unless something else is in the way. In some cases the toilet is between a bath and the vanity, so here you have little option but to mount it on the side of the vanity, how ( Full Answer )

What is the standard location of toilet paper holder?

The standard height is 26 inches from the floor. In a small bathroom that you can reach across, the best location would be across the room from the toilet. The second best would be on a wall immediately to the left or right of the toilet. The worst choice is on the wall behind the toilet (to the lef ( Full Answer )

Does the Dollar Tree sell toilet paper holders?

Yes. The Dollar Tree does sell toilet paper holders along with all different kinds of household items. You can view most of their inventory on their website.

Where can you find decorative toilet paper holders online?

There are several signature hardware stores online to purchase these decorative toilet paper holders. Although I am not sure what you specifically wanted on their, they can have intricate designs and exotic colors. This would be a great opportunity to take a weekend and paint your own decorative toi ( Full Answer )

Does Home Depot sell self install toilet paper holders?

Yes the Home Depot sells many different makes and models of toilet paper holders. You can get them in a range of colors, and many types of materials. Most are self install and will only take a couple of minutes.

Does amazoncom sell toilet paper holder?

Yes, amazon does sell toilet paper holder. You can find these items in their home & garden section, or their tools and home improvement section. They offer a vast array of toiler paper holders as well.

Are you out of toilet paper?

well, yes as a matter a fact i am ! i reccomend the rose superstore for extra fun ! cya

How do you adhere a stone toilet paper holder to painted wall?

Firstly DO NOT adhere to the paint. It will be at floor level very quickly. There are a number of differing ways depending on the holder. 1. make the wall around the holder and using a craft knife cut into the paint following the profile then using diagonal light cuts score the paint and and scrap b ( Full Answer )

What are some good brands for toilet paper holders?

Depending on what style of toilet paper holder you are looking for, there are a variety of brands which offer a wide range of toilet paper holders -- whether wall mounted or free standing floor models. Some brands include Maitland Smith, Rohl, Pegasus.

Where can a toilet brush holder be purchased?

One can easily get a toilet brush holder at their local CVS or Walgreens. This can be found in the home car section of any grocery store as well as the other places.

Why is the paper holder necessary in an office?

A paper holder is necessary in an office so that papers will be kept organized and not strew around the desk. Paper holders keep your workspace neat and tidy.

What is toilet paper for?

Toilet paper is used for cleansing one's behind when they have finished defecating on the toilet/loo.